Listen before it is too late

Shirley Anne



An aerial view of the colorful autumn forest
An aerial view of the colorful autumn forest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright I know it isn’t November just yet but it is only a week away. The weather is changing and soon all the deciduous plants will have shed their leaves completely which is good. I have been sweeping leaves and filling our two green wheelie bins with them but it needs to be done a couple of times if I don’t want the garden swamped with them. I want to do some pruning and cutting back of some border trees which have become so tangled they are growing inside each other’s branches. A thorough clean up is required but until the growing season is over not a great deal can be done in that respect. Hopefully during the month of November I will get the opportunity to start doing some of that work as well as during December but only if it isn’t raining of course. I might also move one or two plants and do some manual removal of the weeds that have taken over the flowerbed in front of the greenhouses where the apple trees and some of the gooseberry shrubs are located. I might move those gooseberry shrubs and replant them with the others behind the garage next to the patio, planting flowering shrubs in the empty space left. There is much to do and much that can be done during the next couple of months and I hope to make inroads to that end. One of the tasks I have is to remove leaf and other debris that collects in the greenhouse guttering and in the narrow spaces between each of the two greenhouses and the brick wall next to where they stand. There was no alternative but to have that space when we erected the greenhouses. They are not too difficult to clear just a little awkward. I was out in the garden a couple of days ago just looking at things and what needs to be done. A few weeks ago I had finished the construction of the flowerbeds upon the patio (see entries in September) and since then have not been able to check whether the drains I had installed were working properly now that they are covered over. It had been raining continuously for quite a number of hours during Wednesday but had stopped in the afternoon. It was then that I saw some stained water dripping out of all the drain pipes. They were working as planned, the stain was from the materials in the bedding leaching out into the water. It was essential that the drains would work as I had planned but they couldn’t really be tested until the beds were filled but we hadn’t had much rain lately to see if they did.

I think I will have plenty to do at home during November onwards.

Shirley Anne