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Field mouse at bay Collected up in some vegetation being cleared, this frightened mouse was caught exposed when the green waste was removed from the trolley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having no work scheduled for Friday morning I wasn’t in any hurry to get out of bed but I had to. I had another night of broken sleep and finally arose just after eight o’clock. However, I didn’t actually get downstairs for another hour after washing, dressing, applying make-up and changing the bedclothes. So Friday was to be fresh bedclothes day. I love fresh bedding. Anyway, immediately after a small breakfast I went into the rear garden to clean away yet another batch of fallen leaves. If my readers will remember I had been through this exercise only a couple of days ago but this is how it is in early Autumn until all the leaves have fallen. The green waste bins would be emptied on Monday morning and as rain was forecast over the weekend I had to sweep up the leaves as soon as I could. I pulled out the extension ladder from the garage and placed it against the wall in order to reach the lower-level guttering that I can see from my bedroom window for I had seen a lot of moss had fallen into it, probably from the top of the house where birds often dig it out looking for food. It is good that they do this for those gutters are well over thirty feet (eleven metres) from the ground and aren’t readily accessible. I climbed the ladder nervously as there was nobody there to foot it but I had pushed the base into the grass to prevent movement. I reached up and run my hand in the gutter and removed all of the moss, dropping it to the ground below. My phone rang. I couldn’t answer the call as I had started to climb down the ladder but by the time I had reached the ground the caller had hung up. I tried to call back but got no answer, which I thought was strange as it was only a few seconds later. I carried on with clearing away the leaves behind the greenhouse and around the garden where the leaves tend to accumulate. I picked up the two apples that had fallen from one of the tress and put them to one side whilst I took the wheelie bin through the garage and into the front garden to park it next to the other one which was also filled and ready for collection. On Monday I had called the chemist to order my repeat prescription. I usually receive a thirteen week supply so that I don’t have to go through the process too often. It normally takes them about three or four days to process the requests so I would be able to collect my medication on Friday. I donned my coat and took the walk into the village to collect it and on the way I had a feeling that somebody would call me on my mobile phone whilst I was in the chemist shop. Whilst my medication was being fetched my phone rang. I often get premonitions like these and wonder why. A lady asked if I could check out her smoke alarm. I asked her if she had changed the internal battery and if it was also connected to the house wiring. She then told me that the detector was in working order and that there wasn’t anything wrong with it. I told her that all I could do is a smoke test in that case which means placing a special smoke generator or some burning material beneath it, something I used to do when I was involved in maintenance duties in my previous employment. As she had told me her alarm was functioning as it should I wondered why she had called me in the first place! I took my medication from the pharmacist and walked back home. When I opened the package I saw that I had received only one-third of my usual amount so I telephoned the chemist to ask why. However it took a full ten minutes to get through as the line was occupied. The pharmacist told me that she had been instructed to give me the lesser amount by my doctor. The reason for that was that my doctor wanted me to make an appointment for a routine check-up. Now a couple of years ago I had made arrangements whereby my prescriptions were never stopped or reduced and that any requested appointments for check-ups would be honoured by myself. There was no need to reduce the amount of medications subscribed as it only meant that I would need to visit the chemist more often than I needed to. I telephoned the doctor’s surgery but again had to wait ages to be connected and when I did get connected was kept on hold for a few minutes! This is efficiency at its best is it? I was told that they had not sent out the letter requesting my attendance for a check-up. If they had sent it I don’t think it would have made any difference as it would have been too late. They need to send out such letters well in advance of my having to repeat my prescription. I did get one positive message from a lady who had asked me to install some new light fittings a week ago and asking if I could do the work the next Thursday. Whilst having my lunch I heard some disturbing news on the television regarding Talk Talk, the Internet and telephone provider I use whose infrastructure has seemingly been attacked by hackers demanding a ransom for the data that they say they have access to. That data is the private information of around four million of its customers. There is something drastically wrong with this world, I am not the only one with problems.

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