Dreams and premonitions

...Nothing but a Dream
…Nothing but a Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have not written much lately about my dream experiences and I have not written about premonitions before today. I probably have had a few dreams since I last wrote about them but as I couldn’t remember any of them I couldn’t write about them. Even now as I recall a dream I had on Thursday night there isn’t much to report about it. The main point and most vivid recollection of that dream follows. In our house we have what is called ’tilt and turn’ double-glazed windows which enable us to partially open them for ventilation by tilting them inwards at the top. If we want to open the windows wide we have to place the window back in the frame and then by turning the handle the window then hinges at the side and can be opened fully inwards. This makes cleaning them far easier whilst at the same time freeing us from the necessity of hiring a window cleaner. The point is that the windows open inwards from the inside. Now in this very brief account of my dream I was standing on the landing at the top of the first flight of stairs from the ground floor (there are cellars below), the landing directly outside the main bathroom. There is a large window there which looks out toward the west and our immediate neighbour’s house. I cannot remember why I was standing there but I was wearing my nightie as if I had just arisen to visit the toilet. I was still in bed of course as this was part of the dream. As I lifted the net curtain (drapes) to look out into the darkness I saw something which frightened me a little but I couldn’t see its form. Although the window was closed with the handle in the locked position the window suddenly opened and slowly I was pushed back into the corner and trapped. I tried to resist but the unseen force was too strong and I stood there feeling helpless. I cried out to E who for some reason had come part-way up the stairs as evidently she had been downstairs and was still dressed. At first she tried to poke the unseen force with her wooden walking stick but as she got closer she reached out her hand and tried to feel what was there. She could feel nothing and her hand reached the glass. I on the other hand had to put some effort into pushing the window closed but I was then free. That is all I remember about the dream.

It Dreams
It Dreams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the last few years I have noticed that sometimes I get a thought in my head about a forthcoming event as if I was being informed before it happened. The events themselves have been nothing significant and probably unworthy of mention, mundane things of little importance but unusual to say the least. If you were to ask me to recall them I probably couldn’t as I wrote nothing down and they have drifted from my memory because of their insignificance. However, on Friday I was walking to the chemist (pharmacy) to collect some medications and a thought popped into my mind that when I arrived there I would receive a phone call. I received that call as I had thought I would. I wrote about it in yesterday’s post. Because it seemed so significant and because it wasn’t the first time I have experienced such things I am going to try to write down any further premonitions if and when I receive them.

Shirley Anne