A Sunday walk

English: Riverside Walk, Gravesend Families ar...
Riverside Walk, Gravesend Families are out enjoying the warm weather on a Sunday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like walking. I seldom find the time to do much of it though but at the weekend I have more time than I have during the week. If I am not involved with some home project, maintenance task or something else I can go for a walk. Sunday therefore is usually a day when I can go for a walk as I seldom do much on that day. At this time of year the weather is ideal for walks, not too warm and not too cold. After my breakfast, an hour after my breakfast, I am thinking about going for a walk as long as the weather permits. I don’t have suitable clothing for long periods out in the rain just at the moment, something I ought to put right and perhaps will do in the coming weeks so I have to rely on it being dry for now. On Sunday the weather was just fine so off I went. I took an unusual route, one I would not normally take as it took me by a building I would be visiting the following morning to do some work. I wanted to check it out. I ended up walking along the main road into town. At the first main junction there had been a horrific accident the previous day and I had to take a detour as I went to do a job for someone in the town centre. On my return home the junction had still not been cleared of obstructions but as I walked past on Sunday morning there was little evidence of the incident apart from a couple of pieces of plastic bumper that had been left on top of a wall. The roads were relatively quiet but there was a steady flow of traffic heading toward the centre, probably shoppers as many of the stores are open on a Sunday these days. Such is the way of the world nowadays. I won’t discuss my feelings about that right now though save to say I am in disagreement with it. As I approached the town centre I could see that there were many people about so I made a detour toward the seafront. There were very few people on that part of the beach where I continued with my walk but as I reached closer to home I found there were many unattended vehicles parked off the main road in the access area to the beach. I supposed their owners were off on their own walks along the beach or in the sand dunes. I left the beach at that point and headed back to home a half-mile away. The walk was very uneventful but that isn’t unusual, most of them are. I go for the exercise and fresh air but I also enjoy looking in other people’s gardens where I pass them to see what plants and layouts they have. For some unexplained reason I seem to be turning into a gardening freak! Some of the plants I see I have in my own gardens and many of them are larger as they have been there a long time so it gives me an idea of what my plants will be like in a year or two. As I arrived back home my next-door neighbour was reversing out of her drive and about to drive off to theĀ  supermarket but she stopped for a few minutes to chat with me. She hasn’t been enjoying good health lately and told me she was unsure about driving because of her current condition. I was about to offer to drive her but she told me that her son had already offered and she had refused. Perhaps she should be considering stopping driving for a while. Anyway she drove off and I went indoors to prepare lunch. I did little else for the remainder of the day but hey, it was Sunday!

Shirley Anne