Thick and fast

So Much So Fast
So Much So Fast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When my customers call they seem to do it in batches! One minute I have nothing to do then wham, I am inundated. To be sure there are seven days in the week but I can almost guarantee that half of them are call-free most of the time. The other days make up for it. I had one such day on Monday, three jobs almost in succession and then a fourth making enquiries regarding my availability for an up-coming job they want me to do in a few days time. Much of the work I am getting and usually do get at this time of year is installing replacement light fittings, I am on light duties you might say. I do get other work of course, it isn’t all ceiling work. A lot of work I no longer do because of my age and to be honest I am happy that I get any work at all at my age. My prospective customers are not told my age over the phone but often it comes out in conversation when I am doing the work. My advertisement indicates that I have been established, that is my business, for forty years but surprisingly many of my customers confess they didn’t notice that when they read it. Some of course will tell me that it was the fact that I have been established for so long that encouraged them to call me. When I am at their premises and I tell them that I have actually been in the business for more than fifty-three years they are taken by surprise and I can see waves of confusion in their faces. Then I tell them my age and they are really confused because I look nothing like my age, I look much younger, they tell me so. Quite often I will be asked how I look so young for my age and I tell them that I plug myself in (to the electric supply) every night to rejuvenate. That brings laughter and smiles. The fact is I have always looked younger than my age but my transition and diet have helped a lot to keep me that way too. By Monday evening I have to admit to feeling my age after the day’s work! I keep asking myself how long can I go on as I am doing and many of my customers ask the same question but add that I should carry on if I feel able. I suppose they are right though I cannot see myself doing this work in five years time. For the moment the work is coming in thick and fast so I have to pace myself and not overdo it.

Shirley Anne