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A Sunday roast consisting of roast beef, roast...
A Sunday roast consisting of roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables, and yorkshire pudding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was talking about my working week in a previous post and how much I was looking forward to having three days free to myself for a change. I got my wish, well so far that is as I am writing this on Friday evening. Friday would be the most likely day whereby I might get work but I had other ideas and was determined to avoid it for I knew I would most definitely not be working on Saturday or Sunday and if I could do the same on Friday it would be mission accomplished. I had to go to the clinic to have a blood sample taken first thing in the morning and on my return home I made a detour to the village so that I could buy some blueberries and also deposit some money in the bank. E does the weekly shopping on a Thursday but hadn’t been able to buy some blueberries where she usually does her shopping and wouldn’t have visited the village to try to purchase them. There are four places in the village that sell fruit and vegetables and I checked them out to find the best deal before buying some whilst I waited for the bank to open. I had accumulated a lot of cash and needed to get it out of my purse. In three week’s time that particular branch of the bank will be closing down and I will have to travel into town in future to make deposits. On my way back to the van I stepped into the chemist store to see if the prescription the doctor had forwarded on Tuesday morning had been processed. Usually we are told to wait four days to collect any prescriptions unless there is an immediate need for treatment but I was lucky, the prescription was ready for collection. I drove home to have some breakfast and it was still only 9.15. My blood sample required a fast of at least twelve hours before it could be taken and consequently I had not eaten for fourteen hours. The rest of the morning I simply relaxed and did very little. It was around two-thirty I decided to drive somewhere for a late lunch. I drove to my local pub which has had a little refurbishment carried out in recent weeks to accommodate more dining tables for I wanted to see what they had done and have a meal in the process. Unfortunately there was little free space, unusual for the time of day, so I left and drove off to another eatery a few miles away. This place is much larger and caters for those wanting something from the menu or something from the help-yourself carvery. I chose the carvery but as I approached the servery a large family of people got there before me and I had to wait quite some time before getting served. I was in no hurry of course. The chef was very surprised that I had asked for only one small slice of turkey and no Yorkshire Pudding but only wanted mainly vegetables. Many choose to have a pudding or two and several slices of the various meats on offer as well as a heap of vegetables! I am not so greedy. The vegetables were absolutely delicious, especially the carrots but I didn’t choose any potatoes to go with them. I chose only to have a soda water with my meal and when I had finished the waitress came over and asked if I was going to order a dessert. I wasn’t. I paid the bill and left for home. It had been a change from having to cook the meal myself as I hadn’t dined out for several weeks so it was by way of a treat too. The last time had been with E but this time I dined alone. I much prefer to dine with company but at the moment that isn’t possible. During the meal someone phoned me and asked if I was available to do an urgent job but I told them I wasn’t available until Monday, besides I was still eating my vegetables!

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