Time for a change

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Dining Room’, circa 1902. A dining room designed by Arturo Issel (1842-1922). Exhibited at The International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Art, Turin.

A few weeks ago E and I were talking about giving the kitchen a small make-over, colouring the walls with a different colour and lowering the cooker hood a couple of centimetres. The duel fuel cooker is now around twenty years old and has one or two problems which require repairing but I have been loathed to do them myself because what I really wanted to do was to purchase a new one. What was once the kitchen was changed to a breakfast and dining room of sorts but it is what you might call a ‘family’ room and not a formal place in which to entertain guests or to have solely as a dining room. In short it is lived in! The small adjoining room was converted into a kitchen around twenty years ago when at the same time we bought the cooker. Now the cooker itself is what is called a range cooker, that is it has two ovens and a separate grill, all-electric with eight rings on the gas hob so it is quite wide. The cooker hood above is the same width at 100cm. The cooker and hood are both green in colour. On Sunday afternoon I decided to browse the Internet for a replacement cooker and hood. The present hood isn’t faulty but because I was changing the colour of the cooker to black it needed to be the same colour so I had to browse for another hood too. As it happened I found the same model of hood on sale in black so I added it to my basket and browsed for a cooker. After a short time I found a suitable cooker so I added that to the basket and then proceeded to the check-out.s_10135915 The model is shown on the right. I had some problems with my cards being accepted but I had forgotten that whenever I make costly on-line purchases I have to confirm the transaction is being done by myself. A text message is sent to my mobile phone to which I have to respond before the transaction can be completed. It is all about security but is a little frustrating nevertheless. I had to choose black as the colour of choice for the cooker and the hood because green units were not available but I wanted a change in any case and black was more suited to blend in with what is already in the kitchen. So in nine days time (from Sunday as I write) we will be taking delivery of the new fittings. I have not told E as I want it to be a surprise but I am sure she will be pleased. I know I will be. However, it will be me fitting them.

Shirley Anne