A little fog

English: Fog on the Humber The Humber foreshor...
Fog on the Humber The Humber foreshore as seen from the old Coastguard Station on a damp and foggy day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is certainly the season of mists (and mellow fruitfulness…) and lately we have been experiencing misty and foggy mornings. The humidity is high, very high because of that but it isn’t warm with it so it feels cold and damp. We can cope with such things with no problems at all, if we are moving about on foot that is. If we need to travel it becomes a problem if it is too foggy for we cannot move about so safely unless we move very slowly. Each year though we hear of accidents and collisions on our roads because of the fog. The fog is blamed when it is ourselves who should take the blame. If we didn’t rush about in the fog there would be no accidents or collisions. Fog does slow us down despite whatever we do. In foggy conditions travelling by air can still be a problem for it can be very dangerous taking off and landing in fog. Train services are less prone though signals still have to be seen. I like the fog though but only if I am not travelling. I like to see it in woodland, filling the spaces between the trees and the remaining leaves on them. Usually when it is foggy there is little or no wind at all and that has got to be a good thing in my book for I am not a lover of the wind. I have been going for short walks in the morning whilst it has been a little foggy and damp but I am wrapped up to meet the conditions. It is nice kicking through the fallen leaves but they are becoming soft as they rot on the ground and this is where moving about becomes more dangerous. The oils in the leaves leach out onto the roads and pathways causing them to become slippery under foot and tyre. If we take care the fog presents no problems at all so do that and enjoy the Autumn.

Shirley Anne