Riding a scooter?

Honda Jazz scooter
Honda Jazz scooter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found myself out in the countryside on the road between my own house and the next nearest town of Ormskirk and I was riding a scooter. My mother-in-law (ex mother-in-law now) lives part-way along this road. Scooters had become very popular during the nineteen-sixties and although I have never ridden a scooter except as a passenger in this account of a recent dream I was riding one. It was a time when wearing a helmet wasn’t compulsory so I didn’t have one. I was dressed in a flowing skirt more typical of a time ten years earlier and it was a fine sunny day. For some apparent reason my sister-in-law was also riding a scooter and she had been following me with intent. I don’t know why she wanted to catch me but she was chasing after me. Suddenly I found myself in possession of her scooter leaving her stranded but still trying to pursue me. How it was possible for me to carry her scooter between my legs on my own scooter I will never know but these things are possible in dreams. In the dream I found myself talking with someone else riding a scooter but I never actually saw the person and didn’t even know if they were male or female. The plan was to hide around a bend in the road and surprise my sister-in-law with the explanation that I was only having a little fun. However as she was getting closer I decided to carry on riding away. One stretch of the road was in a really bad condition and it looked more like an undulating dirt track with large potholes surrounded by heaps of loose sand and soil rather than a road. I struggled to keep going but had to give way to an oncoming car and I nearly ran into a hole in which a man was standing as he dug it out. I had slowed down considerably and was frightened that my sister-in-law would catch up with me. I needed to get away but then I noticed two workmen who had taken a great interest in me and who were now trying to catch me too. Somehow I managed to escape and I found myself back at home and up on the first-floor landing outside of the bathroom and overlooking my neighbour’s garden. I had ridden past my mother-in-law’s house for I felt sure my sister-in-law would have stopped there. One of the two men was now climbing the stairs to get to me and I screamed and screamed but he persisted. I managed to get into the bathroom and lock myself inside but in my mind’s eye I could see the other man had also reached the door and the pair of them were trying to break the door down in order to rape me. I opened the window and let out another two screams as I saw two women coming out of the neighbour’s house into her garden. The younger woman looked up to me and smiled but she hadn’t realised my predicament and carried on walking into the garden. Just as my situation and fate seemed inevitable I woke up.

Shirley Anne