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Today I am expecting the delivery of two items, one large and one not so large but both large enough, One is a new range cooker and the other a cooker hood.  When the order was placed about ten days ago I was informed that I could initially expect delivery anytime between 7am and 7pm. That is a very wide time slot so I am hoping it will be narrowed down to  couple of hours. Of course it would be lovely if they were delivered in the morning at least as far as the cooker is concerned for when the new one arrives I will have already pulled out the old one and disconnected it. That means I shall also have to try and move it out of the small kitchen we have or not be able to do much in there. We chose to have a smaller kitchen many years ago when we stripped out the old kitchen and converted it into a family dining area as we didn’t need a large kitchen.pics 102 Chest freezers and washing machines are down in the cellar though there is a dishwasher hidden in a cupboard in the dining area and a couple of fridge-freezers, one in the dining area and one in the kitchen. If we get frozen food delivered, and E has been doing some of that lately, we can stock up large amounts in them. It works for us. Fortunately when the new appliances are delivered they will remove the old cooker from the house but I have chosen for them not to remove the cooker hood for there is nothing wrong with it. I can either sell it on for a small sum or give it to someone who needs one. In spite of its age the hood is in imaculate condition with no damage whatsover. Anyway on Saturday afternoon I took the chimney cooker hood down from the wall and placed it downstairs in the cellar which only took me fifteen minutesCooker hood space. Had we not been buying a new one I would have simply lowered the hood the couple of centimetres E and I had already decided to do a few weeks ago before I had even thought about replacing it. At the time of writing this later on Saturday afternoon E is still not aware that new equipment is being delivered today. I have been trying to keep it a secret in order to surprise her. She has probably been wondering why I simply didn’t lower the hood and have done with it but I suppose she was thinking that the wall needs painting first. It does and we had discussed this too.pics 105 We want to change the colour scheme a little so it would be wise to paint the wall before the new hood is fitted as there will be little or no mess involved in doing that. Installing the new cooker should be an easy matter as everything is already there behind the old one, the electrical connecting box and the quick-release gas fitting. When we installed the old cooker we raised it up from the floor by about five centimetres on top of the wood we had fixed to the floor. Had we not done that the top of the cooker would have been that much lower than the surrounding surfaces and it didn’t look right to have it that way. I am hoping the new cooker will simply sit on the same wooden platform without having to alter anything. Either way it will not be a problem to sort out and by the way these photos are of the old equipment.

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