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English: Queen Street, Cubbington The centre o...
Queen Street, Cubbington The centre of Cubbington village has several shops including this general stores and a D-I-Y/hardware store a little further on. There are other shops opposite including the post office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At almost 70 years of age I can remember with nostalgia many things which no longer exist. In the previous post I was hinting at the ways we are placed under pressure by commerce to get us to buy things and how the writers of software in phones and computers are pushing us to either go along with it all or get left behind. We are given choices but further down-line we will have to use what we are presented with. I was watching a programme on television called ‘Flog it’ a couple of days ago and in it we were shown what is called a living museum. For those who live outside of the UK ‘Flog it’ is a programme about antiques, their valuation with a view to those who have their treasures valued to auction them off. As often in these programmes they take side steps from the main content of the programme in order to present the viewer with things maybe of interest in the area in which they are holding a valuation day. In this particular programme we were taken around the streets of a local town rebuilt as they were fifty to a hundred years ago and all under cover. Old fashioned shops and hardware stores, old vehicles standing outside in the cobbled streets and goods on display were as authentic as I remembered them long ago. I remember the real thing and how it was in the high streets of every town and city. Slowly but surely things have changed and I can see in the not too distant future even more changes to come. Some will say for the better but I say not, at least in some things. In those days we couldn’t buy anything unless we had the cash in our hands. Along came hire purchase, loans from the banks or other sources, credit cards and now smart phones. We don’t necessarily have to have cash in our pockets to buy anything on the high street and for shopping online we can’t use cash anyway and that is what will change everything forever. One day I can see a system where we can only buy things electronically. It is very much early days yet but eventually I can see everyone having a chip implant for use in everything we do. That is a road I do not want to go down and probably won’t, this is for the generations to come. I digress. Life was far simpler when I was young and looking at that programme brought back some very nice memories of those days. If I had the choice and the power I would turn the clock back in certain areas of our lives. It isn’t going to happen unfortunately

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