Almost all afternoon

Following on from Tuesday’s post the new cooker arrived as arranged but there was no cooker hood with the delivery. I had been informed earlier that the particular model I had chosen was out of stock and I half expected one not to be available on the day even though I had placed the order ten days previously. It didn’t matter because the wall is in the process of redecoration anyway. It would have been nice to have gotten the hood first and to have been able to fit it prior to the new cooker being fitted. 1446909697284The two guys who delivered the cooker made me smile as one of them was quite small in height but stocky in build whilst his mate was about 6 foot and 7 inches (which approximates to a tad over 2 metres) and slim with it. Gosh he was tall! He was Latvian and has been living in the UK for over six years. The smaller guy was a native of the UK. They were efficient in getting the new unit in and the old one out but in the process they had taken the flexible gas pipe with them. I recovered it because without it I couldn’t connect the new cooker to the gas main. Once they had departed I began to install the cooker. The old cooker (on the left) had been placed on some lengths of timber to raise it from the floor but the new cooker (below) is taller so I had to remove them. However it still needed to be raised a couple of centimetres. 1447190129730I had a large sheet of floorboard grade chipboard which I cut to length and width and nailed that to the floor for the cooker to stand upon. The electrical connection was easy of course (well I am an electrician) and so was the gas connection too. I then pushed the cooker into the space and tested it. All worked as it should but then I had the task of clearing everything away! That took me longer than the job itself! I phoned the company to register the cooker and at the same time arranged for a one year extension to the guarantee for a nominal fee. I was feeling rather tired after that having done other work at home during the morning. E was out for the afternoon and didn’t get home until almost 7 o’clock. I had already eaten having cooked a little something on the new cooker.

Shirley Anne