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Fitting a new cooker and a new cooker hood, which incidentally has not yet arrived has prompted a redecoration of much of the kitchen. The cooker hood I have purchased is still out of stock and at the moment I am not sure if or when we will receive one. The wallpaper which had originally been pasted on the wall  surrounding the cooker hood would leave an uncovered space when the new hood is fitted because the new hood will be positioned slightly lower. It was easier to remove two sections of the paper and at the same time paint over all of the wallpaper as we had planned on doing anyway but of course that means the whole of the kitchen. However, as the kitchen is small and as there is little exposure of the walls because of the furniture painting them isn’t a problem. On Tuesday after I had finished installing the new cooker E and I were discussing a few things and I had mentioned the possibility of painting the window frames and the door in white. At the moment they are wood-stained but painting them in white would greatly brighten the room and something we are aiming for. I thought no more about it and just left the idea in my head until later as there were other things to do in the meantime. I have made a start on repainting the walls but they will need a few coats to cover the existing colour. On Wednesday I carried on with that task for an hour or so but had to do an electrical job for someone in the afternoon and had to shelve it.
I didn’t expect the electrical work to take long to do and as the house was reasonably close-by I expected to be home after a brief time. The job itself involved replacing two old-fashioned wooden wall lights with modern metal ones. The old lights were fitted with pull-switches but there was no wall switch as a means of isolating them from the supply. I suppose the pull-switches were adequate when the lights were installed many years ago but a separate wall switch is essential these days. The customer had bought two new light fittings but neither was fitted with a switch of any kind. I presented the customer with two options, change the fittings or allow me to install a wall switch beneath each of them instead. They chose the latter and I had therefore extra work to do. Naturally I was paid extra too, or rather I levied a higher charge! On my return home it had already begun to grow dark and I noticed that the gates to the driveway that E uses to get to the garage were open, she had obviously gone out somewhere. I went inside and immediately to the kitchen, not to work I hasten to add but to fix myself a drink of coffee. I glanced around the room and noticed that she had painted some of the woodwork with a grey undercoat ready for applying a white gloss paint later. Well I thought to myself, I never expected that. As it happened she had been unable to paint part of a window frame because the microwave oven being as it is so large and heavy she was unable to move it any distance. I forgot about my coffee and proceeded to finish off what she had started whilst at the same time re-arranging things on the worktop. E returned just as I had finished. We have chosen to keep the new arrangement of the worktop appliances. As I write this on Wednesday evening I am wondering how much more will be done in my absence on Thursday morning when I go to do another electrical job.

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