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I had plans for Friday which didn’t include working away from home, I was going to make inroads on our latest little project, the kitchen refurbishment. There was no need to get up too early as I had done for the previous days so I took my time. I was still in my bedroom at 8.30 but another few minutes later I would be downstairs to have my breakfast. The phone rang but I chose to ignore it thinking that whoever it was would attempt to reach me on my mobile phone instead if it was urgent. I often wonder why people call me on my house phone during the times I would normally be out and working, especially as my advertisement indicates that my house phone is the one to use in the evenings. I can understand someone calling me on the house phone before eight in the morning as I would most probably be at home. The caller left a message on my phone which I played back at 8.45 when I was downstairs. The lady who had called had lost the supply to essential power circuits. I called her number and suggested what she should do to try to re-instate power. She had difficulty in doing that so I asked her if I should call there instead. I grabbed a fruit drink before driving the three miles to her house. I wasn’t there long before I found what the problem was. One of the main supply cables to that particular distribution board was loose inside the connecting block and I wondered how it had ever worked as it was so loose it could be pulled out with no effort at all. It was simple to fix of course and after a chat and a cup of coffee I was soon driving back home.

Now it was 10 o’clock so I had some breakfast before going into the rear garden to sweep up the piles of leaves that had again accumulated around the house (see yesterday’s post). We were expecting a visitor sometime before noon to look at a couple of problems we have with the windows and he arrived around 11 o’clock. It was a half-hour later before he left. I then got a call from an elderly man who wanted me to check why he couldn’t replace a bulb in his bathroom light fitting. He lived about twelve miles away. When I told him that I would be charging my minimum fee he changed his mind and told me he would ask a neighbour to check it. I don’t know why people think I can just pop in and not expect much in the way of payment for my visit. Yes the job was small, very small but it is the overall time it takes when I have to make a round trip of 24 miles! E had an appointment at the hairdressers at noon and whilst she was getting ready I received another call, this time from one of my regular customers who wanted me to fit a replacement wall heater in his bathroom so I donned my coat again and was about to leave at the same time as E when I got yet another call. In fact I had just stepped outside and was locking the door when I got the call but whilst trying to answer it I inadvertently pushed the door open which started the house alarm to count down. I had to go back indoors to start over and at the same time speak to the caller. It happens a lot, I get calls at the most awkward of moments. The caller had just fitted two new power outlets but found he couldn’t switch the power on afterwards as it kept tripping. Well anyone with half an ounce of sense would have realised there was a fault and one obviously caused by themselves. I advised he take a look behind his new power sockets to locate the fault. At last I could drive to the job and half-way there the guy called back to thank me and to let me know that he had indeed found the fault and everything was fine. He thanked me for my advise and help. On arrival at the house I checked to see the bathroom heater and its supply then left to drive to the supplier to purchase a new one. It didn’t take me long to fit the replacement heater and soon was driving home again. By now it was 1.30 and time for lunch. It was after 2 o’clock before I sat down to eat it. So now it was getting late in the afternoon and I still hadn’t done any work in the kitchen! I decided I wouldn’t let the day go by without doing something so I spent an hour doing what I could whilst there was still some daylight. Painting by artificial light isn’t always a good idea. Maybe I would get a better chance on Saturday. I spent the evening at home alone. E had gone out with her friends for a meal in another town twenty miles away and my youngest son who was stopping over for the weekend was out with his friends too.

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