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Good Intentions (2010 film)
Good Intentions (2010 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How often do we promise to do something yet it doesn’t materialise? I reckon I work quite hard especially for someone of my age. Many people my age will have already retired from work and will be taking things easy as they settle into old age. That isn’t for me though and as the popular phrase goes, ‘I will go down fighting’. A friend once told me that I would continue to work until I drop. Well perhaps that will be the case for it seems I am on the go most of the time and get very restless when I am not doing something. Ah but age does slow me down to some extent, I mean I am not exactly in the flower of my youth so I am bound to be slower and I am bound  not to be able to do as much as I would like at times but that doesn’t stop me trying. My intentions are good but I don’t always achieve what I set out to do. Take for instance my latest little project, and it is really only a little project, I started it off with gusto but sadly the pace has slowed somewhat. I have to say at this point however that my work as an electrician keeps me occupied a lot and there are only so many hours available left for my domestic projects. Once I start something I am keen to finish it as quickly as possible and without interruption but of course that is never possible is it? Nevertheless I try to make the most of my spare time. On Saturday I had plans to get as much of the painting of the walls in the kitchen done as I could but ended up doing less than I had expected. Other things got in the way but I managed to at least give all the walls a coat of paint. Some parts of the walls have actually been painted two or three times now but a large part only got its first coat on Saturday. The reason for so many coats is to mask the colours on the wallpaper. Rather than stripping the walls bare and papering them again we have chosen to simply paint over the wallpaper instead. The main colour on the wallpaper is pale green but it has random patterns of a reddish ochre shade on it and one or even two coats of paint are not enough to hide them but three coats does. The colour we are applying is magnolia as it best matches the wall tiles. E has chosen to paint the woodwork and has already started to cover it with an undercoat primer but she has been busy doing other things and the work has been left. I was ready to step in and take over her part of the work whilst the walls were drying off but after she returned home from a meeting on Saturday she told me that she wanted to continue with the work and that she would do it on Sunday. My hands were tied and I was left with nothing to do. Now she tells me that the ceiling could do with a coat of paint too and I agree with her. I could have started doing that except for the fact that I had no paint! The ceiling should have been painted before we started on the walls but never mind, I’ll just have to be especially careful won’t I?

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