Nothing doing?

English: Painting inner trough walls of the vi...

Sometimes my weeks start off with no offers of work but that is fine as before the week is over I am seldom left with no work at all. It does happen once in a while though. This last Monday I had nothing scheduled for the day or indeed any other day in the week so I set my thoughts on doing something in the kitchen, a little more painting. I have been painting over those parts of the walls which are covered with wallpaper, the lower parts of the walls are either tiled or are covered by the furniture. I didn’t arrive downstairs until almost ten o’clock and after a quick and small breakfast I had to go into the garden to secure the plastic wrapping E and I had put around three of the palm trees. The wind had been blowing relentlessly during the night and had loosened the ties around the two in the patio flowerbed. I decided to insert a couple of stout bamboo canes near to these two plants and then strung a line between them both and to the brick archway. Hopefully that will prevent any further problems when it is windy. When I returned indoors E was about to return upstairs to shower and dress so I set about applying another coat of paint to the walls in the kitchen. Around noon E came downstairs and continued to undercoat the woodwork, that is the window frames, door frames and the boxed-in pipe runs of which there are three. I had finished painting before she re-appeared. I asked her if she would like to dine out once she had finished painting. I suggested that we could buy in some paint and a few other things after our meal so that is what we did. The ceiling needs to be repainted but we had no white emulsion in the house so that was one thing we needed to buy. I have been painting the walls with a magnolia emulsion but it was never our original intention to leave it that colour though it does compliment the colour of the tiles. It was suitable to use as an undercoat to cover the existing colour on the wallpaper however. So we had to select another colour and buy that paint too. Whilst I was asking E if she would like to dine out I was thinking where she might choose to go. I almost always leave that decision to her but I had a particular place in mind. We set off and the first thing she said to me when in the car was that she didn’t know where we would go then suddenly made up her mind and we headed off. I said nothing. She had chosen the place I had been thinking about. During the meal we chatted to a couple who had travelled up from Northamptonshire to visit their son and his wife or their daughter and her husband, I cannot remember which but they came to join them later with their two-month old son. Soon after E and I left and we drove to a retail park to buy the paint and some milk before driving back home. During the day my phone remained silent but soon after we returned home I began to receive calls. Unfortunately the job offers were too large or too far away to make it worthwhile doing. As I write this on Monday evening it looks as though I will be painting the kitchen ceiling on Tuesday morning!

Shirley Anne