Itching to go

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A domestic cat, Felis catus itching in Kibaha, Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The title would seem to indicate a trip somewhere but alas (for my readers that is) no it doesn’t mean I am wishing that. It means I am wishing to get out into the garden to do some pruning, actually a lot of it and some general tidying up. However mother nature has other ideas at the moment, the weather has been quite awful, very windy and wet and I have not had the opportunity. It has been a blessing in disguise though for over the last week especially I have been too busy with my electrical commitments to have any real spare time and what little of that I have had has been used up inside the house. The kitchen project has been somewhat neglected on my part for that reason though E has been doing some painting when she has had the chance. I like the Autumn when it is dry and not so windy and I am sure we will get those times in the weeks ahead so I am not worried that I am unable to get into the garden just now. In the past week I had to make an effort to protect the Phoenix Canariensis trees before the onset of the cold spell which had been forecast. I managed to do that with E’s help but the following day I had to redo one of them as the plastic sheet had been blown off it. The wind has been unusually strong but I don’t think we will have any more problems with them now. I have been writing a lot about the leaf removal in the garden and how often I have had to do it over the last two weeks. As I write this on Friday afternoon and having just been in the garden to check things I discovered that even more leaves have found their way to the rear of the garage in which I park my van and where they accumulate most of all around the body of the house. I didn’t remove them because I know they won’t move from where they are and no doubt there will be more of them in the week ahead. The area on the path to the large greenhouse is also filled with leaves but again I have left them for the time being as there will surely be more and they too will not be going anywhere. A few apples still cling to their branches despite the strength of the wind but the net beneath them is ready to catch them when they decide to drop. All I can do for the moment is to look at the garden through the window and wait for the weather to improve but I am itching to go.

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