Well that’s a bind!

u_10026011On November 10th I expected to receive delivery of an order I had placed on-line for a new range cooker in black together with a chimney hood, also in black. There was nothing wrong with our existing hood other than its colour. It was a deep shade of green as was the old cooker. Thinking the delivery of a new black cooker hood, which incidentally is the same as the one it is replacing apart from its colour and is shown on the left, I disconnected and removed the old one and started to redecorate the walls. Well the cooker arrived as planned and was immediately installed by myself on the same day but there was no cooker hood. The supplier had informed me a few days earlier that it was currently out of stock but that they expected it to be available quite soon. I received a call from them on Friday and was told that they had been informed that the manufacturer didn’t expect to have any available until February! However I was again informed by the supplier that they were expecting a delivery on December 1st. Where they were expecting it to come from is anyone’s guess. I was told that I would be the first to receive one of any that came into their hands at that time. Well thanks a bundle Mr. Supplier. I do not mind waiting but what annoys me is that there was no indication on their website that the goods were currently out of stock and unavailable. I advised them to upgrade their site and have this feature written into the software. What is the point in advertising something that isn’t available or that doesn’t show when it will be? So it looks as though the kitchen refurbishment will be held back for a couple of weeks. It would be silly to carry on with the decorating and use a cooker without the capability of being able to extract the fumes that will be produced when cooking on it and in the process spoil the decor. I suppose there are advantages in having to wait though. It means I don’t have to rush the kitchen refurbishment. It means I might have some time available for doing other things, like the garden for instance! I have a feeling that when the hood finally arrives I won’t be able to find the time to fit it as I will be too busy doing other things. Since the phone call from the supplier just prior to my writing this the phones haven’t stopped ringing with people asking for my services. If I need the time it looks like I will have to make it!

Shirley Anne


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