Tomorrow never comes

The roasting spit in this European medieval ki...
The roasting spit in this European medieval kitchen was driven automatically by a propeller the black cloverleaf-like structure in the upper left. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just about three weeks ago I received delivery of a new range cooker. I had ordered a new cooker chimney hood too but as my regular readers will know evidently it was out of stock and none were available. Patient as I am I waited as the supplier kept me informed with updates. On Friday last week I received another call from the supplier and was informed that at last a cooker hood was available and they have arranged with me to deliver it tomorrow. This means I can now carry on with redecorating the kitchen knowing that we will have the means to extract kitchen fumes once I fit the hood. Everything is in place for that and it should be easy for me to install it. It is only a matter of drilling a few fixing holes and making the electrical connection. The extract pipe is already there having been disconnected from the now removed unit. I stored the old unit in the cellar as there is nothing wrong with it and perhaps someone may like to have it for free or for a very nominal fee. I didn’t wish to throw it away because it is still serviceable and the only reason I removed it was that I wanted a colour change. Hopefully by today I will have painted the ceiling and the walls so that the new unit can be quickly installed. If it is delivered early in the day I will fit it immediately. The wall looks rather bare without a hood there. It is funny how we get used to things, we take them for granted after a short time but once they have gone we miss them. Without this particular item though it isn’t just a case of missing it, if it isn’t there and working then redecorating the kitchen would be a far more regular task and I am not sure I fancy that! Surprisingly though, even using the hood doesn’t prevent some grease from settling on the furniture but it is far better than it would otherwise be. I have worked in many kitchens that hadn’t an extract hood and believe me, they were very greasy! Even those who had a re-circulating type of hood were still a little greasy. The problem with a re-circulating system is that not all of the grease is trapped by the filters as the air gets pushed back into the room. Furthermore, none of the water vapour is filtered and that usually settles on the windows where it is cooler. This is why it is better to extract the air from the room entirely if possible. The kitchen needed a make-over as it hasn’t had one for around eighteen years but that could be due to my not having the spare time because of other household projects, else we’ve not thought it necessary. I suppose the main reason now for having the work done was the fact that the old cooker had too many problems that needed fixing. I thought rather than have them repaired I might as well buy a new one and what an opportunity to change the decor at the same time. Roll on tomorrow!

Shirley Anne