Couldn’t sit down for too long

Cooker hood spaceThe title says it all really. Both Thursday and Friday saw me with no electrical work scheduled and I spent most of Thursday doing absolutely nothing but knowing I ought to have been decorating in the kitchen. The rest was beneficial nevertheless and perhaps I should do more of that but I simply can’t sit down for too long and therefore have to find something to do. On Friday as I wrote in yesterday’s post, I was informed that finally the cooker hood would be delivered the following Tuesday, which is today so I thought it best to carry on with the kitchen decoration. After an early lunch therefore I set about painting the ceiling which although only needed a single coat took me quite some time because the surface is a rough one and not smooth. We have changed the existing white colour for one called Victorian Lace, similar in colour to Magnolia though very pale. When I had completed the ceiling I made a start on the walls, concentrating on the one above the cooker. The new colour is similar to that of the tiles which cover the lower half of the walls where no furniture is fitted. Theoretically it should only require one coat also as I have applied at least two coats of the colour Magnolia already in order to hide the previous green colour of the wallpaper. The new colour is darker than the Magnolia but no doubt I will need to apply more than the one coat in places. However I didn’t complete the painting of the walls on Friday as it was getting late. As I write this on Friday evening I am hoping I will be able to finish the majority of the painting as far as the walls are concerned. E has been painting what little woodwork there is in the kitchen aside from the kitchen units of course. It only requires the top coat of white gloss to finish the woodwork though at this moment we are not sure if we will paint the only door in the room. We want to see what it will look like once the rest of the room decor is finished. At the moment the door is stained in a Mahogany colour and we may attempt to colour it in a light Oak to match the kitchen furniture more closely. As it stands we think the existing colour is too dark but we are not sure that painting the door white would be a good idea. I may be installing the new cooker hood today if it is delivered early enough. Hopefully I will be able to post a picture or two later when everything is completed. Meanwhile the one above shows something of the original colour scheme after I had removed the old cooker hood. The old cooker had not been removed yet.

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