Done and dusted

After a few weeks waiting for the arrival of a new cooker hood system to replace our old one it finally came at ten o’clock on Tuesday morning. It was installed and running by noon. The task should have taken me less than the two hours it actually did but that was due to a couple of design problems which made it more difficult than it should have been. New Hood 2The main body of the unit was the easiest part of the installation but it wasn’t without its problems either. It is attached to the wall using four screws and the idea is to hang it on two of them which have been screwed into the wall beforehand then insert and fix the other two whilst the unit is hanging on the first two. Simple, maybe it would have been had the uppermost screw holes were a little further away from the large extract motor. It was difficult to tighten those two screws for that reason. Making the electrical connection required the length of fitted cable to be shortened before connecting and the connectors placed inside a protective plastic box which was not supplied. Fortunately as I am an electrician I had one to hand. Connecting the air extract flexible pipe took a few seconds but when it came to fitting the surrounding metal cover between the unit and the ceiling it was a different matter. I wish I could send feedback to the designer of the unit and point out a few resolvable problems to make installation easier than it was. As it happened I had to drill new holes in the metal bracket which supports the top section of the cover near to the ceiling. The holes already in it don’t allow for any manoeuverability or misalignment due to walls not being perfectly flat or at right angles to the ceiling as was the case in our kitchen. The wall and ceiling aren’t perfectly aligned and although that cannot be seen or noticed with the naked eye it can be enough to make fitting things awkward. Just as well then that I also have drill bits for drilling holes in metal as well as those for drilling brick walls! A little touching up with paint in a couple of places near to the chimney part of the unit was all that was left to do. When E has finished applying gloss paint to the woodwork in the kitchen I will touch-up any spots on the walls with emulsion that may have been touched with the gloss and do around the chimney at the same time.

Shirley Anne