One fine day

Another Fine Day
Another Fine Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After all the recent bad weather, high winds and rain it was actually a lovely sunny day on Monday. As I hadn’t any work scheduled I thought I would get out into the rear garden and do some work. One of the main jobs that needed doing was the removal of three small trees that had grown intermingled with a variegated holly tree which we wanted to keep in place. I began by pruning out most of the branches before digging out the trees. I found them surprisingly easy to dig out as their roots were quite shallow. The holly tree now had some breathing space. It had grown at an angle from the ground having been surrounded by those trees but I was able to place a support near to its base which is now holding the holly in a vertical position. Hopefully this will train it to continue that way. Another variegated holly a few metres away had the same problem a couple of years ago and it received the same treatment. Now it is vertical and growing well so there should be no problem with the other one. There is another tree close by the one I have been working around which I think I will dig out too. This species tends to push up new shoots all over the place and this is why we ended up with so many choking the holly tree. I spent some time cutting all the removed branches and trees and putting them in the green waste bin which is now three-quarters full. Whilst I was doing that I noticed a robin hopping about on the soil I had disturbed. He took little notice of me and carried on with his feeding frenzy. I was about to do more work when my mobile phone rang. A guy living a half-mile away asked if I could do a small electrical job for him. I tidied up in the garden and went there an hour later. He had two faulty power outlets in his garden but I couldn’t do the job immediately for I needed to purchase new ones as well as some switches and a timer unit which he asked for to control one of the outlets. As I write this I will do that work on Tuesday morning. Well the phone didn’t stop ringing from that point on and now I have other work scheduled. You can see therefore why I have to do the gardening whenever I get the spare time. If my workload gets too high I will simply take time out and stick with the gardening.

Shirley Anne