Not much to ask and more

A simple digital timer. The internal component...
A simple digital timer. The internal components—including the circuit board with control chip and LED display, a battery, and a buzzer—are visible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following on from yesterday’s post….I went to my supplier and purchased the materials for the electrical job I was to do the next day, Tuesday. The guy who asked me to do the work decided to have the existing external power outlets replaced with ordinary twin units, that is two outlets within the same unit. The faulty units were single outlets but each had a timer alongside and it was the timers that were faulty. However he wanted one of the new outlet units to be controlled by a timer at source, that is next to the power board from which both were wired. He wanted a simple isolating switch for the second unit. Anyway I bought what was necessary and whilst in the store I noticed some equipment that they have on special offer occasionally and saw an intercom unit. For quite some time now I have been thinking about installing such a unit at the front door of our house because we cannot see who is at the door when they call. Sometimes we can see who is at the door from a nearby window but that is in a lounge but who wants to have to go into a lounge to see who is at the front door? Unfortunately the doors are not fitted with windows so an intercom fitted with a camera and screen is an ideal option. Usually these cost a few hundred pounds, this particular one was on sale for almost £500 a couple of years ago. It was now on offer for less than £100, £92 in fact, so I bought it. Another domestic project for me to undertake. I went to the electrical job early on Tuesday morning and whilst the weather was dry and fair I set about replacing the two outside power outlets which took me about an hour and a half. I then went indoors to re-arrange the control circuitry and fit the timer. That took me two hours for it was an awkward task. In total I was at the house for a little over three and a half hours and was not offered a drink at any time. I thought to myself it not to be too much to ask to be offered a drink but I didn’t ask for one. Whenever people come to my house to work or for any reason stay for a time I always offer some refreshment and even something to eat if appropriate, it is simple courtesy. Most places I work in I am offered a drink at the very least but occasionally I get someone who is less considerate. I carry a bottle or two of water in my van so I don’t have to remain thirsty. I left the house after twelve and drove to another house about a mile away to do a small job for a regular customer. I hadn’t even stepped over the threshold and was asked if I would like a coffee! I accepted with gratitude and told her it was the first I had been offered all morning! Before I left her house I was offered another and I accepted though this time we just wanted to spend some time chatting. It had remained dry throughout the morning but at the second house I had to leave for a few minutes to purchase a couple of items for the job and on my return the heavens opened and I had to remain in my van for a while until the rain subsided. The downpour was extremely heavy, something like being inside a waterfall! I was so glad the weather had been dry whilst I was working outside earlier.

Shirley Anne