One of those days

English: Wiring circuit of a semi-resonant flu...
Wiring circuit of a semi-resonant fluorescent lamp circuit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had work scheduled for Wednesday which I knew would take me a couple of hours to complete and in fact it took me four. It is the little things that cause the problems, poor connections in lighting units, not enough slack in the wiring to allow for changes, missing screws or those so tiny that they can easily be lost and a host of other things. The work itself consisted of replacing some lighting units, an extract fan, repairing a bell circuit and replacing a faulty power outlet. If truth be known the work should have taken about three hours and would have done but for some of those minor problems and the fact that I had to leave the premises in order to purchase equipment. Isn’t is always the case that if we are in a hurry to get things done problems slow us down? I am pretty much relaxed about it all though for there is no point not being so. Still, minor problems are a nuisance whatever they are. In any case I had nothing else to do other than my own domestic projects so I was in no hurry though I did have to complete the work before 1 o’clock. I completed the work by 12.30. As it was lunchtime I decided to eat out instead of driving directly home for there was a pub/restaurant along the way. I hadn’t visited this particular eatery for quite some time and I was surprised to see how few people there were inside for on previous occasions it had been full. I arrived home sometime after 2 o’clock and expected to simply relax and do nothing but I got a call from an old gentleman for whom I had previously worked. He was desperate to have his kitchen light fixed but said it was the lamp, a fluorescent tube, that was faulty. So off I went and purchased a lamp and then went to install it but he had to pay my minimum fee for doing so. I had advised him as much before I drove to the house though I didn’t charge for the tube itself. I get many days like these and more so during the weeks before Christmas when many people seem to be in a panic to get things done before the day. Why that is so escapes me but I’m not complaining, problems or not.

Shirley Anne