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English: Leyton Electric Time was when 'The El...
Leyton Electric Time was when ‘The Electric’ was a municipal undertaking and electricity substations were built in the style of minor Greek temples. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that could mean anything, no gas, no coal, no oil as sources of power and indeed many houses these days have only an electrical supply. However I am not thinking along those lines, I am thinking about the amount of electrical work I find I am undertaking lately, not unexpected as I mentioned earlier. I sometimes wonder what I would be doing if I wasn’t an electrician, would there be much for me to write about? I am almost certain there would be. We all have something we can write about, we all have our own special experiences in life and it is nice to be able to share these things with others. We may think that nobody would find anything we say to be of interest but that just isn’t true. You would be surprised how even some of the simple things we write about are interesting to others. It may be that some of our readers wait anxiously for our next posting, well we can all hope for that I suppose. As for myself I simply like writing and what better way to express your experiences? When I first started this blog I found it difficult to find any inspiration, what to write about and someone suggested I write something about my daily experiences, about my work, my likes and dislikes, my hobbies (that’s always a good one), perhaps my religious beliefs and many more things. We can write about world events and those nearer home, holidays and celebrations, the list gets longer.

She Like Electric
She Like Electric (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the moment I am writing a lot about my job as an electrician and the things I am presented with each day. There is never a dull moment in my line of work. I get to meet hundreds of people each year and hopefully all that I have done for them will be appreciated and will have met their needs. Often I spend time chatting with those of my customers who are perhaps a bit lonely and in need of a little companionship. In the weeks to come I may be writing more about what I am doing in the garden but that will depend on the weather. Whatever I write about I hope my readers will get some enjoyment from it.

Shirley Anne