Soon gets filled

Workload (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well last week I was run off my feet with my workload which was only possible because all but one of the jobs were small and easily manageable. During the year I seldom work more than four hours in any day but in the approach to Christmas I seem to be working more hours each day. On Monday this week for instance I had but one job scheduled for the day and that was to be done later in the afternoon. I had disconnected a cooker for someone on Saturday and I had to reconnect it on the Monday at their new address. I couldn’t have done it early in the day for there would be no-one at home. In cases like this I have to be flexible but normally any work would be done early in the day. I had arisen early in case anyone called. After my breakfast I sat reading in the lounge for an hour or so and contemplating what I was going to do about the installation of the intercom unit I had bought last week and had every intention of continuing with the work until I received a call for help. Another small job request but it was well worth doing so off I went and was back home before lunchtime. It had been a problem with an air extract fan in a bathroom ceiling which runs whenever the lights are switched on and continues to run on for a short time after the lights are switched off. The timer circuit controlling this function was at fault and required replacing. Usually these timer circuits are not readily available but as the fans themselves are very inexpensive to buy changing the whole unit is simpler. However as it happened I had a spare timer circuit which I had removed from another fan some months ago. The fan had been purchased in error by the customer who didn’t want the timer fitted but didn’t wish to waste time exchanging it. Result? I obtained the timer circuit never thinking that in a couple of months it would come in handy. Once home I cooked my lunch and had again sat down to read afterwards. This time I managed to remain seated for fifteen minutes before I received another request for my services. The strange but fortunate thing was that this caller’s address was a mere two hundred metres away from the apartment where I would be reconnecting that cooker. How convenient was that? Both jobs were done and I finally returned home for the day when it was almost time to eat again. This is the way many of my days turn out and that is why I have to shelve any ideas of working at home. Well no sooner I had eaten my evening meal when my phone rang again. That job was placed in my rota for Friday morning. Having started the week with very little to do my spare time was soon gobbled-up once again.

Shirley Anne