No Problem! (TV series)
No Problem! (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s all go, go, go here at Minkyweasel Electrical Services (LOL). I haven’t stopped working except for coffee breaks, even missed lunch a few times but I have been able to satisfy the needs of all my customers. All but one that is and I will get to that in a minute. My first job of the day on Tuesday had been scheduled last week and at that time was the only one I had received for the whole of this week. That of course didn’t last and I have had quite a few since. The work I was to do was simple enough but it just took a long time to execute and to add to my problems my customer left the house in order to go to the gym leaving me alone in the house with her invalided husband. This meant I couldn’t ask how I should proceed if I hit a problem which prevented me from carrying out the work as I had been asked. I did hit such a problem and had to rely on her husband to accept my alternative suggestions in the hope she would be happy with the decision. Fortunately on her return two hours later she was very happy with what I had to do and in fact, as she said, it was better than she had hoped. It is usually all about the cost, people not wanting to spend more than they have to but sometimes there is little choice. Anyway it took me almost five hours to complete all the work she had originally asked me to undertake over the phone as well as other work she presented me with on my arrival at the house including a trip to the supplier some miles away. It was around 2.30 before I could drive to the second job of the day at another house ten miles away. This job was far simpler and involved fitting replacement lighting units. Unfortunately the lady had purchased the wrong lamps for the fittings so I didn’t get to see my work all lit up! I made sure they were ready and working to receive the correct lamps when she gets them. So many people forget to purchase lamps when buying new fittings but few purchase incorrect ones when they do remember. It happens. By now it was dark and my final job for the day was to check why a power outlet wasn’t working in an apartment 150 metres from my house! A lady and her daughter had just moved into the top floor apartment in a large Victorian house which has been converted into an apartment block. There are quite a number of these type of buildings in my home town. Anyway I got to the top floor and was directed to the power outlet. Sure enough there was no power. I removed the unit from its metal recessed box and saw that the cable supplying it was too small in size. I removed another outlet nearby and discovered the same. I had expected to see a cable ready for connecting the other outlet which simply needed connecting but none was there. It appears that the circuit has been incorrectly installed with the wrong sized cables and it will need rewiring. A major job. I didn’t levy a charge for having a look and had to leave her to get it rewired by someone else as I no longer undertake such work. She may be able to get the work done for free as she has been sold the apartment on the understanding that the electrical circuits have been checked and in working order. I hope she can anyway.

Shirley Anne