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A point2point intercom
A point2point intercom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent all of Thursday at home. Expecting someone to phone asking me to work I dressed accordingly but even though no-one did it meant I could work at home and still remain available. Sometimes I get calls during the day whilst I am at home and if I’ve a mind I will stop what I am doing and accommodate. I didn’t eat breakfast until 9.30 then spent an hour and a half reading Scripture. Over the years since becoming a Christian I have read the whole Bible now 35 times I think. Finally I decided to get out of my chair and investigate what needed to be done to complete installing the front door intercom unit. The unit we have isn’t as shown in the picture as it has a screen. I will include a picture when the work is completed. I don’t know why manufacturers make devices that have their electrical connections in the rear but design the units to be mounted directly onto a flat surface thereby making access to those connections awkward. In this instance the intercom screen is connected using small plugs which when fitted prevent the unit from lying flat on any surface. This meant I had to make a base to raise the unit off the wall where it is to be fitted and provide access for the wiring by cutting out a space in it. I used some plywood to make the base and cut a slot in it. I then painted it with an undercoat ready for painting over later. Having done that I investigated what I needed to do for the electrical side of the job. I left off continuing with the project until the base was dry. At the time of writing I am not sure when I will continue with it but it will be soon. As we have been having unseasonal weather this month with a prospect of it not ending in the near future I thought it best to unwrap our Phoenix Canariensis trees of the plastic bubble-wrap I had tied around three of them until and if the weather changes for the worse. The idea is to protect them from the cold winds of Winter. They are quite hardy and can withstand low temperatures but the wind burns them if it is too cold. E went out for a couple of hours in the afternoon and whilst she was out I finished off the remainder of the gloss painting she had started a while ago, basically those areas over the window by the kitchen sink which are awkward to reach. I was able to over-paint the wood base I had made earlier as the undercoat I had applied was by now dry. I try not to waste my time doing nothing when I am at home though sometimes I just want to relax instead.

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