And still they come

So there I was on Thursday morning with nothing to do. What? Nothing to do? Not true, there is always something to do. So what did I do? I made a concerted effort to make inroads into installing the front door intercom and spent a couple of hours doing it. Before I could do anything however I had to phone the house insurance company regarding a leaking roof. On Wednesday evening my eldest son called with some more of his family’s things to store in one of the rooms at the top of the house. I helped to carry some of it up there. It was then that I saw the obvious signs of a leak. It was probably caused by the recent high winds and driving rain. I explained the situation to the insurance company who have arranged for a roofing specialist to call. That should happen on Friday as I write this. I am hoping they will foot the bill.I 3


Whenever I have work to do at home, especially electrical work, I have to go to the garage and get the tools from my van and anything else I need. That has its problems as I often forget something I need and have to return to the garage again to get it. Now you might think that isn’t a problem and it isn’t but the garage is quite a distance from the ground floor where I was working. You see, the ground floor isn’t exactly at ground level but one floor up if accessing from the rear garden and kind of half a floor up if accessing from the front garden. Sounds weird I know but it is because the surrounding land isn’t level, it is higher at the front than at the back. The best way to access the garage is through the back for security reasons. We would have to leave the front of the garage open whilst working in the house which might make it easy for an opportunist thief and there are some of them about. Using the rear entrance to the garage solves the problem but it becomes a little tedious paying several visits whilst trying to do a job. It all contributes to wearing me out!

I 2

I was able to install most of the hardware and I removed the camera unit I had fitted a day or so earlier on the outside of the front door, refitting it at an angle instead of flat against the wall. This was to ensure a wider field of view than having it the way I had originally installed it.

I 1

At the time of writing I haven’t installed any wiring. I’d had enough for one day and decided to tidy everything away and vacuum the area. Much of the work I have done thus far cannot be seen, preparing the box in which the supply transformer is fitted and fitting the same for instance. That is the thing with electrical work, most of the actual work is hidden from view which makes it seem as though little has been done when in fact the opposite is true. I was feeling a little tired and by now it was 1.30 and time for lunch. Just as I sat down to eat it I received a call from a regular customer asking if I could replace several power outlets for him. A straightforward job that wouldn’t be taxing my strength to do so I told him I would be there an hour later. There is no rest for the wicked so the saying goes. I wouldn’t be able to continue with my intercom project the next day for I had electrical work scheduled. As I write this on Thursday evening I am thinking it will be Saturday before I can continue, that is if I feel like it.

Shirley Anne