More but finished

Following on from Thursday’s post and my progress in installing the front door intercom system I decided to do more work on it on Saturday morning. I had gotten up quite late so by the time I could make a start it was already eleven o’clock, still better late than never. Over the years I have installed a few cables alongside the main door frame on both sides. On the right-hand side I installed a large plastic trunking inside of which are cables supplying power and lighting circuits as part of the original house re-wire I undertook in 1988. On the left-hand side there wasn’t a need for such a trunking because there was only the circuit for the outdoor floodlight and that wiring had been sunk into the plaster. Later however there was added a cable for a motion detector and a couple of alarm cables and they had simply been clipped to the side of the frame. I always said that I would fit trunking there to hide them all so on Saturday I did just that. This trunking fills the gap between those boxes as shown below and the door frame though in this picture taken a few days ago it was yet to be installed. The long length of horizontally installed trunking shown connects the indoor unit to the rest of the equipment and was installed on Thursday.I 2 The cable attached to the camera intercom interface was short in length and only just reached through the wall next to the large grey box inside of which is the system transformer. I wanted to extend them so that they would reach the indoor unit that I had fitted in the hall on the other side of the vestibule some two metres away which meant soldering them. Having them inside a trunking was the ideal solution and at the same time I could hide all the other cables too. Well that all took some time and then I had to connect the extended wiring to the rear of the indoor unit by soldering them too. Finally I was able to fit the trunking lids to hide all of the newly installed wiring. A few minutes later I had the power supply transformer (inside the box beneath the illuminated switch) connected and the job was completed. By now it was four o’clock and dark outside. I hadn’t taken five hours to do that work by the way as I had stopped work for two hours to eat lunch and do other things too. When I had finished I tested it all and it worked perfectly. I had thought about doing some touching-in with the emulsion paint in the kitchen but sense got the better of me and I left it for another day. There isn’t much to do as far as that painting is concerned so it can be done at any time.

Shirley Anne