Fixing a hole

Well now we are back to our normal routines (most of us) and in my own case I am fixing a hole which happens to be in the roof of our house. I have to confess that I am not carrying out the repairs myself, how many 70 year-old women do you know who want to climb a thirteen or so metre high scaffold and start doing roof repairs? I suppose I could if I had to but even then someone else would have to build the scaffold! No, someone else is doing all of the work as it is being done through the house insurance. The work is to be done within the first few days of this week if what I have been told is true. Ours is only a small inconvenience when you compare it to the problems many in the north-west of our country have been experiencing over the last couple of weeks. That part of the country in particular, the Lake District and Cumbria in general, has suffered very heavy and unrelenting periods of rain which has resulted in widespread flooding with rivers breaking their banks unable to contain the excess water pouring into them. Many homes have been flooded to a depth of two metres and more than once in many cases. Even as I write this on Christmas Eve more rain is forecast for Christmas day. Many have abandoned their homes and have put off clearing up the mess until the weather improves. Ours is a very minor problem by comparison but nevertheless requires attention. A stitch in time saves nine as the saying goes. It will only get worse if left unattended. So nothing really changes, problems never cease but life still goes on as usual.

Shirley Anne