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Or another day in the life of Minkyweasel aka Shirley Anne. I don’t do the new year stuff having realised many years ago its insignificance in the great scheme of things. I say if you want to get drunk bringing in the new year that is up to you but be happy for you know not how long you have left in this world. Over the holidays I temporarily removed my advertisement from our local newspaper so that I could take a long break from my electrical work. It is to be reinstated on the sixth of this month, on Wednesday. I am not sure how many offers of work I will receive so soon after the holidays but I will be ready for it. I probably should slow down and do less and over the last few months I have tried to do that but for someone like myself it is hard to do. I seem to thrive on work though I will be the first to admit I tire far more easily these days but work keeps me going and it takes my mind off my problems by giving me something else to think about. My plans, not resolutions, are to have more personal time away from work. Hopefully that will happen if I can resist the temptation of trying to do everything offered to me. Whatever plans you may have I wish you well in achieving them. Strive to be happy and be generous to others less fortunate than yourselves, be loving, be humble and be good!

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