Last day

English: Newsagent in Waterloo Road, Uxbridge ...
Newsagent in Waterloo Road, Uxbridge On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve the area was very quiet, this shop seemed to be the only sign of life. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I took the opportunity to go into town on early on New Year’s Eve to do some shopping, basically toiletries. I usually keep a large stock of toiletries at home and it was only a week or so ago I bought some but I don’t much like shopping unless it is for clothes so I go infrequently. When I do shop for toiletries I buy quite a lot and find one trip’s worth of goodies can last me up to twelve months if I buy correctly. As is usual for me whenever I shop in town I drive most of the way, park up and then walk the half-mile to the shopping area. I do this because I don’t wish to walk the whole distance back home carrying weighty toiletries. So I parked the vehicle and walked. It’s funny how the mind works when you are doing nothing but walking, hey, or anything for that matter! I passed by some apartment blocks and as I passed by one of them my thoughts turned to a guy I know who lives in that block. We would often chat when in the pub but I haven’t seen him in there for quite some time and that is because he usually goes in the evening whilst I haven’t been there in the evening for quite some time too. Anyway I carried on and did my shopping after which I popped into a coffee shop for a cappuccino before walking back to my vehicle. The town centre was unusually full of people for that time of day, (it was a little after 9.30 when I got there), not like the sceme in the picture above As I walked past the apartment block I happened to glance across the now busy main road to see that same guy walking the opposite way. He had spotted me at the same time and we waved and shouted hello. Now isn’t that so strange? I have been finding that this sort of thing happens to me often lately, I think about things and then see them happen or think about someone then see them. I will have to be careful what I think about won’t I? On my arrival back home a couple of hours after setting out I washed my hair, something I don’t do too often unless my hair gets dirty. I have dry hair and too much washing would prevent my natural oils to protect it. I prefer nature’s way than using man-made hair products if I can but I do use them sometimes. I did nothing for the remainder of the day. I wasn’t going anywhere in the evening to celebrate the New Year later as many people will have done. Tomorrow may be another year but it’s only another day.

Shirley Anne