First Monday

Come Monday
Come Monday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So now we are in the first Monday of the new year and I am off to do some electrical work with other work in the pipeline. Although I hadn’t advertised over the holiday it made no difference, I still got calls from people from whom I had worked before. Well it’s nice to know people do keep my cards or details for it also means they liked my work. It has seemed strange over the last couple of weeks not being involved in my usual routine and every day has felt like a weekend, in fact I have never been sure which day it was on occasion. I had been expecting some action toward the roof repairs last week for I had been promised the work would commence on Tuesday or Wednesday, at least as far as erecting the scaffolding was concerned. Alas, nobody turned up but I had half-expected that with it being so near to the new year. Had the scaffolding been erected on Tuesday I doubt any repairs would have followed the next day because the weather had made a turn for the worse again and it didn’t cease raining. As I write this on new year’s day I very much doubt we will see anything happening before Monday and if it is raining I doubt it will start then. As it is now Monday I am expecting at least a call. I shall be working for a couple of hours and perhaps longer if I get another call so I may not be available should anyone call to the house. E will have to take charge as it were but she is equally as capable of making coffee as I am for that is all that will be required and probably all my involvement if I was there. I resisted the temptation to do any gardening as I thought I might do over the two-week break and in any case the weather hasn’t been that favourable except for one or two days. I even thought I might get something done on Christmas day and would have done had it not turned out so wet and windy. It is to be expected I suppose at this time of the year. At least the electrical work will be indoors but if it isn’t even that will have to be rescheduled until the weather improves. I can’t believe the cheek of some people who really do expect me to carry out repairs outdoors when it is raining. One lady called me on New Year’s Eve asking if I could do some work for her, repairs to lighting and replacing lights in the evening because she worked during the day! I put her straight about that one and now she is arranging for someone to be at home at nine o’clock in the morning when and if I do the work. The only time I would work in the evening is if it was an emergency. Nothing changes does it?