To bed to bed

I wonder how many of my English friends remember this old nursery rhyme?

“To bed! To bed!”
Says Sleepy-head;
“Tarry awhile,” says Slow;
“Put on the pan,”
Says Greedy Nan*;
“We’ll sup before we go.”

Another version:

“To bed, to bed,” says Sleepy-Head;
“Let’s stay awhile,” says Slow;
“Put on the pot,” says Greedy-Sot*,
“We’ll sup before we go.”

*Sot means fool.

To Bed, To Bed, Says Sleepy-Head - English Children's Songs - England - Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes from Around the World  - Intro Image

Sometimes I have days like these.¬† Or perhaps I should say late evenings? After¬† working during the day I am ready for bed but often I find myself reluctant to go. This trend seems to have started as I got older. I know if I go to bed early I usually wake up early too as normally I cannot sleep for more than a maximum of five hours, though sometimes I will return to sleep for an hour or so after. It all depends on how tired I really am. Most of the time I will simply get out of bed as soon as I wake. Many times I have eaten late into the evening when according to some it isn’t a good idea. I have never been troubled or had a restless night due to eating late but if on the other hand I drink before bedtime I know I will be up again soon after I fall asleep, I do that often enough as it is without taking too much liquid beforehand. As for not wanting to go to bed early I know I am tired yet it makes no difference. Many times I will watch television in bed because I want to see a favourite program but often I fall asleep whilst watching it! So why do I bother? I suppose I don’t really intend to fall asleep and don’t think I will. When I wake in the morning I sometimes still feel tired but as soon as I get out of bed I feel as fresh as a daisy, even after five hours. At the weekend or during the week if I know I don’t have to get up too early I often do anyway. So, I like sleep, I like dreams, I like being in bed after each day’s work but I don’t much like going through the process to get me there. I tarry awhile or better put, procrastinate.

Shirley Anne