Never changes

English: A Land Rover Series IIA going through...
A Land Rover Series IIA going through a chassis inspection during an MOT test. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So Monday came and went and there was no telephone call from the builders/scaffolding company about our leaking roof. It appears they are too busy, probably carrying out repairs for lots of other people having the same problem. We will just have to wait for a while and leave it up to the insurance company to push things along. I will contact them if nothing happens soon though. I had completely forgotten about the roof as I had work to do, electrical work to be precise. My first job of the day and indeed the year was to change a couple of power outlets and check or replace one or two lighting units. The old lady who had called me earlier in the previous week called again on Sunday at my request for I didn’t want anything to do with work over the two-week Christmas and New Year break. I had previously worked for this lady a year ago last November but when she called me she had thought I had done that work in early summer last year. When I arrived at her house I remembered her. What I had forgotten was the fact that she could talk a glass eye to sleep! She didn’t let me down this time either as she didn’t stop talking during the hour and a half I was there! I mean that literally, she didn’t stop at all except to take a breath or allow me a word. Even as I was getting in my van to drive off she continued to speak. I was glad to get out of the house and drive off to the second job back in my home town, though the other side of town. I had worked at this house previously too, I had installed a replacement shower unit there about three years ago. A guy welcomed me inside but the work was to be done outside the house replacing an outdoor wall light. He was an Italian guy of similar age to myself and I had a little difficulty in explaining things to him regarding some of the work I had to do in order to meet his requirements. The old fitting only worked if an internal light was switched on but the new light was equipped with a motion detector and needed a permanent supply. Eventually I managed to get through to him and he was able to understand. By the time I had finished the work it was way after lunch time and I then had to pay a visit to my supplier to purchase some things for my van stock. On the way to that second job I called into a vehicle repair station to book my van in for a service followed by an MOT test. That work is scheduled for 4 February, a Thursday, so I must remember not to schedule any work of my own for that day. My ears are still ringing after the first job!

Shirley Anne