So far so good

English: Victoria Street. Looking East along t...
Victoria Street. Looking East along the pedestrianised section of Victoria Street. Picture taken on a showery Tuesday afternoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I am getting older, (well we all are aren’t we not?), and as I have continued thus far to carry on working I promised I would take more time off for myself. On the approach to Christmas I found that difficult for many people were asking me for help. I resumed working on Monday last even though I had a couple of requests the previous week. I had one job scheduled but ended the day having done two. I had no further offers of work so Tuesday would be a day all to myself. I hadn’t intended to sleep in a little longer and in fact I had awoken just before seven after a good night’s sleep, however I must have drifted off again and was woken by my mobile phone receiving a call. I guess I was more tired from Monday’s work having done no work for two weeks. Anyway it was a call from the husband of another lady who had called a week ago and again on Sunday and who had asked if I could work in the evening because she works during the day. I mentioned her in a previous post. She now had made arrangements with her husband to be available instead and we arranged that I would do the work on Wednesday morning. I suppose I could have said I would do the work on Tuesday but I was determined not to do that. No doubt there will be more requests for work in the weeks ahead but I am determined not to rush into doing them as soon as I am asked. I still haven’t had the time to get into the garden to do some tree pruning for the weather hasn’t been as settled as I would like. On Tuesday afternoon E had gone out for an hour or so and I thought I might go for a walk now that the rain had ceased but just prior to doing that the heavens opened and we had a torrential downpour. I decided to stay indoors instead. That’s the way it is at the moment, showery and unsettled.

Shirley Anne