Into the swing

Wednesday proved to be a really nice and sunny day for a change. The weather hasn’t been that good for weeks so it was pleasant to have lasting sunshine. I went to do a job in the morning, as it turned out it wasn’t a big job but I was told they would need my services again within a few days once they have purchased the replacement lighting units they will want me to install. It turns out that the guy of the house is a friend of the manager of my local pub who had recommended me. I was also told that having worked in his sister’s house and her friend’s house too they both had recommended me. I suppose even the infamous can get recommendations! Ha-ha. I guess I must be doing something right. When it came to payment the guy insisted I take more than I had asked, which was a bit of an unexpected bonus. Whilst I had been working at the house I realised that one of my screwdrivers was missing and I then remembered where I had left it. On Monday afternoon I had installed a replacement outdoor light adjacent to the front porch and had placed the screwdriver on the low roof momentarily. I had forgotten all about it. I drove to the house which was only a couple of miles away and caught the guy just about to leave to do some shopping. He had seen the screwdriver and had taken it indoors. I should have phoned ahead so I was fortunate to have caught him at home. I thanked him but didn’t ask him why he hadn’t phoned me to let me know he had found it. Had I forgotten where I had left it I suppose he might never have told me. This has happened to me a couple of times in the past and I have lost one or two tools as a result. It proves not all people are as honest as they would have you believe.

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Anyway the year has started off well and I am pacing myself as I said I would. Normally I would have returned home after a morning at work and then begin to work at home, a project or some gardening, both of which I have in my mind to do if I am able but they can wait a tad longer. As I am getting back into the swing as it were I will make a start on the things I have in mind to do, a bedroom refurbishment and of course the gardening! Just before I wrote this I called a guy to have the bedroom emptied of all the stuff that has accumulated in it whilst it has not been in use over the last few years as I would have to hire a skip (dumpster) if I was to do it myself but some of the items are far too large for me to move them myself. At least the room will then be ready for working in and hopefully I shall be too.

Shirley Anne