A week over

Medieval Bed and Bedroom
Medieval Bed and Bedroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Surprisingly I was able to earn quite a bit during this first week of the year but it is less to do with the money and more to do with being actively engaged in something. Sure, there are things to be getting on with and done at home and by and by they will get done given time. I like to get out of the house and meet with people and most of the people I  do meet I have never met before. I don’t know what it is with some of my customers for many of them this past week have been asking me to work either late in the afternoon or early in the evening. I didn’t oblige because my day starts in the morning and I don’t want to be sitting around at home or have to leave off a project I might have decided to undertake in order to drive off somewhere to work for someone else. Usually it is simply my customer not wanting to put themselves out to accommodate myself or anyone else they are employing. I say if you want a job doing then be there yourself or arrange for someone to represent you instead. Over the weekend I have been sorting out the things in the bedroom I have decided needs a complete refurbishment. Some of the things in there belong to my sons who maintain that they don’t want them anymore but when sifting through everything I discovered items they may regret being thrown away so I placed them to one side. Today, that is Monday, I am expecting the arrival of the guy who is going to dispose of unwanted furniture and the numerous boxes now filled with small unwanted items that have all been lying about in there. I did ask if he would dispose of the old carpet also but he wanted too much extra cash to do so. I will take it up myself and maybe use it down in the cellar or dispose of it myself later. Once the room is cleared out I can draw up plans regarding the furnishing of it, I have yet to decide whether to have fitted units installed or free-standing furniture instead. There would be little difference in cost I suppose depending on what goes in there. It is one of those rooms which has sadly been overlooked over the years but if we were to have anyone stay for a few days there would be nowhere for them to sleep at the moment. Although the house is classed as having seven bedrooms only five of those rooms can actually be used as bedrooms as things stand at present. One room is full of stored furniture belonging to my eldest son, another is being used as a storeroom too, though that is our own stuff and even the third room although having a bed in there is also filled with items being stored for our son. Whilst on the subject of storage, our home is blessed with three lounges, the largest room is unusable at the moment for it too is filled with my son’s furniture! One day he will get a house of his own and we will be rid of it all but I am not holding my breath waiting! It is good that we are able to store his stuff for it would cost him a small fortune to store it elsewhere. So this bedroom, one of the main four which are on the first floor really needs to be refurbished. Let’s hope I get the time to do it!

Shirley Anne