Less intelligent

The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in th...
The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know that we are all less intelligent than our ancestors? The first man was far more intelligent than we are and each generation that followed became less intelligent as time went on. Now some of you will be thinking this is ridiculous especially as we have today made so much progress in developing our environment, our technical prowess and scientific and medicinal knowledge but none of these things are indicators of intelligence. What we have achieved thus far is merely due to the accumulation of knowledge learned from earlier discoveries and inventions. You might say that a ‘cave man’ living today would have no problems in understanding modern technology. The reason for my saying this is that we are all in a state of decay, the whole Universe is in a state of decay in fact because all matter is in decay. When the Universe was created, for everything is created no matter how you think of it, decay began. Read more .The evidence is all around us but many don’t see nor understand. Read on . No matter what we may think human beings and every other living organisms are in a state of progressive decay. The Universe was created and now it is decaying. We were born but are now decaying, in fact from the moment we come into the world the decay begins and we are fortunate if we reach a ripe old age. Scientists today are researching the possibility of preventing the ageing process but ultimately it will result only in a temporary stay, death is inevitable. I have included a couple of links in this post, both from the same site which argues the case for creation and the case against evolution. Looking at the evidence it is difficult to understand why evolution is taught in preference to creation in our schools and colleges for it cannot be substantiated. Watching documentaries about wildlife and nature on television we are often being led to believe in evolution by statements proclaiming it to be fact yet evidence points to the opposite being true. I suppose it is all understandable considering we are less intelligent than our ancestors.

Shirley Anne