At last

I didn’t have to go far to reach my first job of the day because the apartment in which I was to work is only a couple of hundred metres away by road. I say by road for it is even closer for a crow! It is just that the shortest distance isn’t even possible on foot. As it was so close I didn’t have to leave the house until a couple of minutes before the agreed appointment time of 9 o’clock. Just as I was about to leave home the doorbell rang. Three guys had arrived to erect the scaffolding for the team carrying out the roof repairs.

English: Scaffolding: coupler
Scaffolding: coupler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to open the garage doors to give them access to the rear of the house and show them where to erect the scaffolding. I informed them that the scaffolding bars would have to be taken over the garage roof as taking them through the garage is impossible due to the internal doors. I suppose they could have taken everything through the other garage on the far side of the house but even that would have been awkward so I didn’t suggest it. Having left E to look after their needs I went to take my van out of the other garage but found its door wouldn’t open. I had to return into the house and into the cellar to see if the electrical supply was on. It wasn’t, the circuit-breaker had tripped, though the RCD unit hadn’t. A circuit-breaker tripping off would indicate too high a circuit current flowing as it would if there was a short-circuit whereas the RCD would normally trip if there was a leakage current to earth. Was the garage door motor at fault? I tentatively switched the breaker to the on position half expecting it not to stay there but nothing happened. I didn’t have the time to investigate further so I went outside again and tried the control. All was well, the door opened and I was able to drive off to work. A few months ago I discovered the RCD had tripped which isolated everything including the garage door but the fault lay outside in one of the power outlets that had leaked in rain. I repaired that soon enough and have since had no problems. When I have the time, probably this weekend, I will move the supply to the garage to another circuit so that any faults with the outdoor circuits will not remove the garage door supply. I arrivedĀ  at the apartment just about on time and assessed the work before driving off again to the supplier for some materials. I finished the work around 11 o’clock and was about to return home and take the afternoon off for I had no other work for the day but someone called me and asked if I could do a small job or two. I had worked for this guy previously and as the work wasn’t difficult I obliged. I was paid a little more than I’d asked because I had done the work immediately for him. He wanted it done quickly so that he could get on with his project and could not have done so had the electrical work not been done first. I was still home by 1.30. After lunch E dragged me upstairs to show me what she had been doing in the bedroom whilst I was away. She had been filling in the woodwork around the window frames ready for applying an undercoat of paint. She likes doing the painting. Whilst up there we discussed plans and ended up removing the carpet! The problem now is how to dispose of it or whether to use it downstairs in the cellar. In any even it has to be removed from the bedroom. I wouldn’t be at work the following day for we were expecting a visit from the company who hopefully will be installing the bedroom furniture and no doubt I will end up doing some work at home afterwards. I’ll let you know.

Shirley Anne