All at once!

Following on from yesterday’s post……..We were expecting the arrival of a representative who was going to measure the bedroom and draw up some plans regarding the installation of furniture. He did arrive but slightly later than the appointed time which didn’t matter as we weren’t going anywhere. I actually had another extra lie in as I had taken the day off work and knew he wouldn’t arrive before 10 o’clock anyway. After breakfast E told me she had just received a phone call from her nephew who said he would be arriving just before 10 o’clock with materials and equipment together with three of his crew to begin rebuilding the garden wall. Two of them are here in this picture shown later in the afternoon before they finished for the day.

The wall


As they had begun setting up to start the work the representative arrived and he stayed with us for over two hours whilst we discussed our requirements for the bedroom. Finally we decided what we wanted installed and he drew up the necessary paperwork once we had agreed the price. I have to admit I was a little surprised at the price even though the normal price had been halved. With further reductions and special offers the price would still be a few pounds short of £7,000. That sounds a lot for a bedroom furnishing but considering the amount of furniture we have asked to be installed and the fact that it is bespoke the price is very reasonable. I suppose you only get what you pay for. I paid the total amount up front on my credit card. Just after I had signed the agreement I received an unusual request from a lady living in an apartment block very near to home, walking distance really. I was to go there an hour later at her request……..removing a mouse which had found its way inside an electrical supply panel and had been electrocuted. An electrician from the supply company had been called to reinstate her electrical supply after it had switched off. The mouse had caused the switch-off but the electrician didn’t want to touch the dead mouse as according to the lady he was squeamish! I removed the metal cover to the panel but couldn’t see the mouse immediately but then I noticed it lodged behind the main switch with just its head visible. It had wedged itself between the live conductor and the earthed metal framework of the panel. Death would have been instantaneous for the poor creature. I pushed a screwdriver into the carcase and gently lifted it out but I had to pierce the body a second time to lift it out completely. I placed it in the bag which the lady was holding but she couldn’t bear to look at it. I replaced the panel cover and the job was done. Whilst I was there she asked about the possibility of installing an extra power outlet in her apartment. She said she would call on me later. I drove back home to be greeted by the two guys who will be doing the roof repairs once the work is sanctioned by the insurance company and I surely hope they will!Scaffolding

So everything happening at once. Later in the afternoon I took the time to remove the fireplace hearth, a small concrete affair that had been laid on top of the original hearth in the bedroom. The fireplace had long since been used as such though I suppose an electric fire was used prior to our taking ownership in 1988. We certainly haven’t used one. The chimney for that room had been capped over years ago. When the house was built in 1877 it had at least eight fireplaces and possibly one or two in the cellars too. After I had removed the hearth and broke it into small pieces and dumping them outside I lifted the now rolled-up carpet and heaved it out of the window and then dragged it over a small wall to land on the driveway in front of the garage. I called for help from one of the guys doing the wall to assist me in dragging it into the garage. Once I’ve decided what to do with it I will do it but for now it is out-of-the-way. It will be a few weeks before the bedroom furniture is installed. Plenty of time for us to be getting on with some preparatory work.

Shirley Anne