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Ant & Dec's Push The Button title
Ant & Dec’s Push The Button title (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whenever I write about my job, my home and the events in my life it is almost always after they have happened, occasionally before but usually after or post whatever it may be. Yesterday’s post therefore talks about something that happened days before. Today’s post is the same. The guys rebuilding the wall turned up early on Thursday but just as I was about to go to work myself. E was at home to look after their needs but later in the day she would be out with her mom doing the shopping as they do on a Thursday afternoon. That meant I needed to be home in the afternoon and in fact the work I had taken on would only be for four hours at the most. I drove off to install a bell circuit for an old lady who was fed up with the wireless unit she had been using which failed intermittently. It had been ages since I last installed a bell circuit so it was for me by way of a novelty, something different from my usual tasks for a change. Now a bell circuit is simplicity itself and this was do different but installing the cable run posed a few problems because of where I had to run it. The only real problem was where to fit the door push-button as there was very little woodwork in the structure of the conservatory near to the door but there was just about enough on which to mount the push button. However the door itself opened outward with nothing to prevent it slamming against the newly fitted push button and breaking it. The only solution was to fit a chain to the door to prevent it opening much beyond 90 degrees and as it happened I had a suitable length of chain so with the lady’s permission I fitted it. I was to call in advance of going to my next and only other job for the day but they called me before I could call them. I went to the house and waited for them to arrive. The problem here was the power outlet into which the washing machine was plugged wasn’t working and the reason for that was because there was no supply from a control switch nearby. One of the wires was loose, in fact so loose that I don’t think it was ever connected to the switch in the first place. The house wiring was all new but as in many instances like these the electricians who wired it have long since disappeared. The main problem was a lack of  slack in the wires behind the switch or in other words the cables were too short! Why do some electricians insist on leaving no extra length in the wires when they fit switches? Very bad practice. Anyway I did the repair and was soon driving home. It was a little after 1 o’clock when I arrived home. Whilst E and I were talking she mentioned that there might be another leak in the roof but in a different room. I went upstairs to check and sure enough there was evidence of a leak. This particular part of the roof has given us problems before and indeed the ceiling below together with the wall have been badly damaged. After we’d had the roof repaired a couple of years ago I had intended to repair the ceiling and wall but never got around to doing it. As it is in a room not used for anything except storage at the moment there was no rush to do the repair and it is just as well I didn’t it seems for had I done so it would have been in vain. This problem only manifested itself today as I write this on Thursday. I called the insurance company once more, letting them know it was a separate claim and concerned the roof on the opposite side of the house. They will contact the company who are dealing with the present problem to let them know about this mew one. It appears then that when the present leaks are repaired they will have to take down the scaffolding and re-erect it on the other side of the house! Happy days! Whilst E was out I did some investigating as to where the gas pipe could be cut off which now supplies the bedroom we are having refurbished for we no longer will have use for it. I discovered the branch pipe from which it is connected which happens to be fitted with an isolating valve in the cellar. The same pipe however supplies the fire in the lounge beneath the bedroom but I can cut and seal the pipe beyond that section to leave the lounge fire supply untouched. Next job will be to remove the existing power outlets in the bedroom and install new ones in different places. The guys have done about two-thirds of the rebuild and will return on Friday morning hopefully to finish the work. One or two may return in a week or so when we have the front door steps extended. It never ends does it?

Shirley Anne