A few hours

I never expected to see the guys who are rebuilding the garden wall to turn up on a Saturday morning especially as one of them had been unwell on Friday. That meant I was in no hurry to get up early though I did get up around 8.30. It took some time before I got downstairs though. Well you know how it is with some of us ladies, we like to take the time making ourselves as pretty as possible. So I didn’t get downstairs for breakfast until almost 10 o’clock when I ate breakfast. I had the day to myself so I thought I would make a start on the electrical alterations we had planned for the bedroom refurbishment. This meant removing the existing three 13 amp power outlets and altering the wiring to accommodate five outlets in their place but in new locations. Twin SocketAll the outlets will be twin outlets as I never install single units except where there only needs to be single ones. Two of them will be located in the bedside cabinets, one either side, one will be in the space left between the existing radiator and the new wardrobes and the other two will be located above the low-level vanity units to accommodate a television, perhaps a radio and whatever else that may need a power point, hairdryer and such things. I wanted to provide a television aerial point but thought there were no spare outlets on the main antenna amplifier I had fixed in the loft space. Indeed there were none but to my surprise I discovered the coiled-up length of aerial cable I had left beneath the floorboards near to the bedroom door when I had installed all the others many years ago! I’d had the foresight to put it there for use when the room was in use.TV Aerial Socket As I mentioned in an earlier post the bedroom hasn’t been used in years. During the afternoon I was able to install the wiring for the bedside unit outlets leaving them coiled-up beneath where the cabinets will be. I will have to liaise with the joiner so that the wiring will end up inside the cabinets. I will arrange for him to cut out the necessary holes to accommodate the outlet boxes. I was able to run the cable for the outlet near the radiator and fit the outlet in the wall too. I was also able to install the aerial cable and the cable for one of the outlets above where the vanity units will be sited but the other outlet couldn’t be installed until the old power unit beneath it is removed and the existing wiring re-arranged. I didn’t have enough time to do that part as it was getting late and I was tired. There also remains the alterations to a switch position now supplying one of the floodlights on the front of the house. I will make the decision where to move it once I have more information from the surveyor who is coming on Thursday to make accurate measurements of the proposed new furniture. It may be that I can leave the switch inside the new units but raise it from its present position for easier access. Finally I have to run a cable from the existing ceiling light switch which is by the bedroom door to a position on the bedside cabinet nearest so that the light may be switched from both the bedside and the door, a two-way switching arrangement in other words. Before I could do any of that work I had to remove the carpet underlay and roll it up to be re-used when the new carpet is laid. I needed access to the floorboards. So a few hours work got much done.

Shirley Anne