All’s well

A "Tropical Breeze Delux"[sic] ceili...
A “Tropical Breeze Delux”[sic] ceiling fan, made by Moss. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It was a bitterly cold Monday morning as I drove off to the first job of the week and the only job of the week at that point in a township eight miles away. Saying it was bitterly cold, it wasn’t that bad but certainly bad enough. I arrived at the house ten minutes before the appointed time of 9 o’clock but had to wait outside in my van for someone to turn up to let me in the house as the house itself was unoccupied and empty of furniture. A guy about ten years my junior arrived and let me in. He was the father of the owner, his son, who was in Norway with his fiancĂ©, a Norwegian girl but who would be moving in soon. The father had been busy trying to get the house decorated as well as carrying out some repairs. My job was to remove four ceiling fan units and replace them with standard ceiling roses and pendants and to replace a broken power outlet. I was there for a little over two hours and I got a call from someone living in my home town asking if I could do some work for them. I left the first house and drove to a local electrical supplier to purchase a few items for my van stock and whilst there I noticed a loaf of bread, a tub of butter and a toaster alongside of which was a sign which read ‘Help yourself to a slice of toast on us’. The drinks were already free, as they are at my usual electrical supplier’s outlet. As it happened I was feeling a little hungry since breakfast had been five hours ago so I made myself a slice of toast whilst being served. I drove off to the second job but only to assess what was needed. I was met by an elderly couple at their apartment. They required a new doorbell arrangement, a table lamp repaired and four replacement lighting units beneath their kitchen cupboards. I invited the lady to accompany me to the supplier so that she could decide which items she preferred to have installed and to pay for them too. Normally I would have bought everything myself and then levied the charge later but I wanted her to know just how much things really cost these days by letting her purchase them. I drove her back to her apartment and arranged to carry out the work on Tuesday morning. I suppose I could have done the work that afternoon and would have done in the past but I have promised myself to cut back on the amount of work I will do each day and give myself a break. As it is I am doing work at home at the moment though I take days off my schedule for this. I drove home for lunch. There were only two guys doing the brickwork as the third had come down with a bout of food poisoning last Friday and had evidently been too poorly for work. The rebuilding of the wall has been rather slow but as I write this on Monday evening there are only a couple of courses to lay and hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. E’s nephew called in the afternoon to discuss with the guys what was to be done with the redesigning of the steps approaching the front door so that the work can be carried out once the wall is finished. Once the base is done, and that won’t take long, laying the stone slabs should be pretty much straightforward. So all is well and things are beginning to take shape at last.

Shirley Anne