The day after

I was a little tired after my day at work but not overly so. Late in the afternoon E paid a visit to see her mom and to post some mail. She didn’t return for her evening meal so I ate alone. She hadn’t contacted me to let me know what she was doing though she maintained that she’d tried to. She had called the house phone but it hadn’t rung and I knew that because I had it with me. Eventually she contacted me on my mobile phone and explained that her mom had taken ill and was suffering with shortness of breath. E and her brother had called the doctor and an ambulance was called to take her to hospital. I remained anxiously waiting for further news but none came. I had tried contacting E later but couldn’t connect. I went to bed and fell asleep around midnight not knowing when E would return home.

'I've had to book my appointment two weeks in advance, so we'll both sit here until I feel unwell.'
‘I’ve had to book my appointment two weeks in advance, so we’ll both sit here until I feel unwell.’

I had arranged to do electrical work the following day, Tuesday for the old couple whom I’d seen on Monday. When I went downstairs for breakfast I saw that the gates were closed and knew then that E had returned sometime during the night. She had left a message on the table explaining that she had returned home at four in the morning and hoped I wasn’t working that day. This was because we had workmen rebuilding the garden wall and they may have wanted one of us to be there. When they arrived at eight I explained that I would be out for a few hours and that E would be in bed for a few hours and not be able to cater to any needs they might have but they said it wasn’t necessary for her to be available. I drove off to the job and returned at noon having completed the work. E had arisen at ten o’clock she said and was able to make the guys a drink. I asked about her mom and it appears she had been able to return to her home in the early hours of the morning after extensive blood sampling and tests. I was happy to hear that as she is 88 years of age and I have to admit I had feared the worst. It seems she is hardier that I had thought! Still at that ripe old age any illness is a worry.

Shirley Anne