Back to work Monday

Monday, Monday
Monday, Monday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday had been a well-earned day of rest but then along came Monday, a fresh week and of course more work! My day began in a little township about ten miles south of home where I was to investigate the reasons for a circuit-breaker often tripping out. On the side of the house there had been built an extension the full length of the house which was being used as a utility and workshop and inside of which was a total of fourteen power outlets! Nothing wrong in that except that they were all connected to the single and only cable that had been fed from an outlet in the lounge! As that outlet was already the maximum permissible to be wired as a spur on the ring circuit no other outlets should have been connected to it. It wasn’t so much that the circuitry was wrong but more what was plugged into it, a washing machine, a tumble drier, a freezer, hundreds (literally) of fairy lights (don’t ask) and some workshop equipment. As they were connected to the house ring circuit there would be more appliances plugged in around the house too. They were simply trying to draw too much current from the circuit and hence the breaker kept tripping out. The breaker is rated at 32 amperes. The washing machine and tumble drier would be drawing around 24 amperes at full capacity let alone any other appliances. Part of the extension wiring had been done in 13 ampere rated flexible cable too which I changed to 20 ampere for safety’s sake. The only real solution in the interim is to ensure only one or two appliances are used at any one time but the circuit really should be changed to meet regulations. I can only advise whilst making it as safe as possible where it is required. I suggested the circuit be wired in such a way as to become part of the ring circuit which can be done but better still a separate supply should be installed for the extension. That however would not be easy to do as it is remote from the circuit board. Either way it means spending a lot of money to put things right. They were reluctant to have the work done and the circuit remains as it was though a lot safer. Maybe I will get a call in the near future to put things right. I drove home to find a lone builder finishing off the front steps. They are now completed but the little containing wall needs rendering, a couple of hours work which will get done on Tuesday as I write, that is if the weather is dry. We expect on Tuesday to receive the remnants of the storm which left the east coast of the US in deep snow and blizzard conditions. It has been unseasonably warm over the last few days with temperatures reaching 15 deg. Celsius in places, hereabouts around 13-14. We still have two more months of Winter to look forward too but somehow I don’t think it will get too cold the way things are going, we’ll have to wait and see.

Shirley Anne