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I had a little bit of a lie-in on Wednesday morning and was in the process of getting out of bed to get dressed when I heard the front door bell ring. There was no way I would be going downstairs to see who was there, not before I had washed and put on my make-up at least. As it was E also had only just gotten out of bed so she wouldn’t open the door either. We hadn’t been expecting any visitors or workmen to arrive to finish off the front steps as the weather wouldn’t allow it but in fact it was one of the crew who had been working on the steps. It took me about fifteen minutes to make myself presentable and then I went downstairs to open the garage door and move my van on to the driveway to allow the garage to be cleared out. He had come to do that work and to tidy up the site so that E’s nephew (the builder) could come and collect it all. I went indoors to have breakfast. It was a little after nine o’clock. When E’s nephew had arrived with his van they loaded it up with their materials and the bags of rubbish and then he finished laying the last couple of bricks on the rear garden wall which had been partly rebuiltRear wall rebuild


That work is now completed. The front door steps had finished being constructed or rather extended on Monday but the small side retaining wall had not received its cement render. At the time of writing this on Wednesday evening it has still not been done but that is entirely due to the inclement weather. Here are a couple of photos of the new steps (the three nearest the front door). If you look back to a post I wrote a few days ago (24th) you will see the photo of the same steps as they were when they were built a few years ago.Front steps rebuild 2

Front steps rebuild

E has been busy today painting in the bedroom we are refurbishing and I have been involved in doing some minor repairs and general cleaning up in the garage. I feel that now we more or less have the house to ourselves work in the bedroom will move along at pace. There is still the problem with the roof leaks to be sorted out so I have to remind the guy doing the work in case he has forgotten for he didn’t call me as he said he would.

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