Payment due

English: Repairs to the roof Repairs to Horsle...
Repairs to the roof Repairs to Horsley Church roof. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve spent a lot of money lately having things done at home by others or will be done by others soon. I have worked hard to earn the money to pay for it all too and there is still more work to be done yet unaccounted for, the roof repairs. The roof repair is probably the most important of them all but as I write this on Friday afternoon  it remains undone. As my readers will remember, the insurance company will not pay for the roof repairs so I contacted the guy I use for such works. At the moment all he has done is look at the problem from inside the house. No arrangements have been made to erect scaffolding and we are now waiting again. The other building works are almost completed and payment is due. All I will say is that the bill was a little more than expected so it means I have a little less at the moment to spend elsewhere. Time hopefully will change things. For everything we have there is a price to pay, for everything we do that we ought not do there is a price to pay, even if we think we’ve gotten away with it! Ultimately we will pay the price for our wrongdoing for we will be judged by our Creator God. Being a Christian will not alter the fact that I will be judged too. So why be a Christian if judgement remains? Jesus has paid the price we owe for all our sins, we have been set free because of this if we believe but nevertheless God must maintain justice as He is a just God, righteous in every way and therefore sin has to be dealt with. Believers in Christ Jesus have had their sins paid for and dealt with but those who refuse to believe their sins remain not dealt with. The result of not paying what we owe results in us paying in other ways, maybe for all eternity! All debts must be paid for both in this world and the next and if not in this world most definitely in the next! Pay your earthly debts to others but remember there is a higher authority to whom we must pay our debts too. Remember too that no amount of money can pay off our debts to God, only Jesus can pay off our debts so believe in him and be debt-free!

Shirley Anne