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I knew I ought to have done but somehow it wasn’t in me to do it! That old time-waster lethargy had taken control but it was all due to ‘tireditis’ that I found myself on Saturday not wanting to do anything. For someone who likes to work and put her hand to something constructive this is foreign to me but if I am tired I am tired and so it has to be that I take time off. I actually got the opportunity to have another extra lie in bed but was abruptly woken by my mobile phone ringing. It was my next-door neighbour but I refused to answer her call. She sometimes calls me whenever she has a problem of one sort or another and I usually lend a helping hand but I was still half asleep in bed! I put the phone beneath my pillow and waited for it to stop ringing. After what seemed an endless wait it stopped. I lay there in that dreamy state we get where we are in two minds as to whether we should jump out of bed or roll over for a spell longer, then the phone rang again! It was my next-door neighbour. Surprise, surprise but I was having none of it and let the phone ring on. This time it ended sooner and so I had to get out of bed. When I finally got downstairs at around ten-thirty I mentioned to E that our neighbour had called and had awoken me. She told me that she had been contacted by our neighbour too and that she had gone next door to lend a hand with our neighbour’s problem. Now our neighbour lives with her son who is I think about forty years of age, a policeman but who is not known for his practical skills and thus he had not been able to solve the problem. The problem? The top shelf in the dishwasher had jammed because it had slipped off its track. The rear retaining bracket had fallen off and all it needed was to be put back in place! Not exactly an emergency but E sorted it out in minutes. I missed breakfast and waited for lunch but ate a banana to tide me over. I asked E if she would like a coffee and we sat and chatted about things in general and about the bedroom refurbishment. We had the afternoon to ourselves and every opportunity to do some work in the bedroom but neither of us felt like doing so. A wasted day? Not really, we both needed the rest. There would be plenty of time to do what was necessary in the weeks ahead. Later I got in touch with the guy who will do the roof repairs so that we can get the ball rolling in that direction. Saturday was therefore a day of rest as was Sunday too.

Shirley Anne